Scholarship essay

My goals and my strive to have a successful and fulfilling future have pushed me farther than I have ever expected, to do the absolute best I can. As someone who has set their goals very high I am determined to exceed even my own expectations. I am willing to stop at nothing in order to achieve even the highest goals as when I put myself up for something I give my all; 100% no matter what. Throughout the years I have found that my heart stays within the passion I have for the Criminal Justice field.

Its very rare in today’s society that you ever find a job you have become so overly zealous for; but in my case I am very lucky to have found exactly that. An interest so strong that I know I will do prodigious within the field I have chosen; being happy while doing it. I’m honored to say that I did not choose this field; but that this field chose me. From the time that I was younger up until now I have found that I would do the unbelievable when applying myself within this field. As someone who has had a very coarse childhood, I learned that I want to go as far as I can in life to make something great of myself.

I want to be able to give back to community in as many ways as I can. I have always had in my head what I want to do with my life; a description of what my future should look like and hoped that I could figure out a career that would be just that. I contemplated for months about careers and jobs, considering every little piece of information that I could. Eventually I stumbled upon the job title of Victim Advocate. As soon as I read the career behind being a victim advocate it clicked, and ever since that moment I’ve know that being a victim advocate while applying myself to criminal profiling.

Two very extensive career choices in which I am determined to prosper in. With a career so intense and life changing as Victim Advocacy and Criminal profiling are, I know that I most certainty posses the abilities to do phenomenal within this career; with having such attributes as selflessness, truth worthiness and great adaptability to know I can handle anything thrown my way. I find myself constantly putting others before I even think about myself; I hold a key element when dealing with witnesses, victims and others, which is Trustworthiness.

I know people will be able to trust me and open up to me, as well as being able to modify and adapt myself to any given setting or situation. These attributes as well as being hardworking, goal oriented, very interpersonal, having the ability to deal with pressure well, and that passion that I have for the job are what completely separate me from the others and put my on top. Everyone seems to think that they deserve a scholarship but I KNOW that I prominently deserve this scholarship. I incessantly put my education and academics above all other matters within my life.

I have worked so hard every single day for years to insure that I would be able to enjoy college and not have to continuously worry about income, bills, and tuition. I strive to do my hardest at all times and only aspire to be able to have an efficacious future while doing something that I love. I am finding myself due to family conditions; paying for college on my own, hopefully with the assistance of sports and scholarships. With gaining this scholarship not only would it be so prominently appreciated but also it would benefit myself in helping me financially, in order to be able to go to college.

This scholarship would also relinquish a vast weight I carry on my shoulders that comes from frequently worrying about how I will pay for college. I will continue to work hard, continue to keep my grades up and continue to prove to you why it was the right decision to choose to provide me with this scholarship. I assure you that you will not be let down; and that I will continue to exceed and arise to the maximum potential and capabilities that one should maintain once given this scholarship.

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