Scholarship essay

Throughout high school at Arrowhead I have been on the Arrowhead Robotics team, Team 706 Cyberhawks. And most of the time, I have been on the team, as master welder, I build the robot frame as with all of the important parts (parts that otherwise would break under pressure or another outside force). Failure in the weld means failure of the robot, the team, and my duties. Failure is never an option and no one knows this more than a welder, the reasoning behind this is if a welder “fails” a weld at the bottom of a skyscraper and it falls, everyone dies, End of story.
My future goals simply put…I want to weld and become an engineer. My goals from now till whenever they are achieved are making it through the Marines, get a job welding, become the best engineer, be trustworthy, and don’t lie…ever. I plan on beating these goals through the Marines, I told my parents, “You will NOT pay for college NO MATTER WHAT”, and I will see that through no matter how bad it gets for me. My parents have done enough for me and have spent enough money, plus they have my sister to worry about. I am almost 18, if I cannot survive on my own or if I cannot get the resources I need…I don’t deserve to succeed. If I cannot do what I said I was going to do, I cannot be trusted…and a welder needs to be trusted.

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