Scholarship Essay

My future… Nerve-racking and motivational. I won’t be in high school forever, though if I had a choice, I’d rather stay this age for a bit longer. But I also want to pursue a career using psychology in business. I plan on going to college for at least four years and if possible, eventually onto grad school to get as far as I can. It all depends on what type of job is available at the end of four years. I aim to work my hardest to achieve the best grades and understanding of my classes. I feel it will be easier because I will not be forced to take any classes like in high school. It will be a good experience.

Another aspiration of mine includes getting married and eventually having a family. Unfortunately, money is needed to start a family, so I plan on working for a few years to pay off my college debt and save. I want to be as smart with my money as I can be. In the end, I don’t want to regret decisions, yet be happy and live my life.

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