Scholarship Essay

For the time being, I am currently applying to pursue bachelor degree in Science Actuary at University of Curtain, Perth for July sass’s intake. Thus, this scholarship fits my criteria and hopefully it can realize my dream to be full sponsored for studying overseas. Based on my previous well-rounded records, I am considerably excellence in studies and have good grades for my latest academic results. Literally, this scholarship can support my financial background and would broaden my chance to hold scroll after three years full-time studying Science Actuary at Curtain University.

Fractions, formulas and numbers conquer a large portion of my favorite chapter. I have very strong inclination towards calculation since high school and being an actuary would help me to apply what have learnt before into the daily life. So far I have known, industries have an increasing demand each year for the graduates from this discipline and it would be a guarantee sign Of massive job vacancies for an actuary in the future. Besides, I keen to work on mathematic solutions and deal with critical thinking for hours rather than memorizing facts.Not to mention about it highest-paid-job in Malaysia, this is bonus as an actuary. Based on my experiences, I can cope well in risky tasks and it is a golden opportunity for me to train myself working under pressure and manage my time wiser. Hopefully, the knowledge that Eve gained throughout the years, qualified me to be a respectable, skill-fully actuary to improve myself better and for the sake of nation and industry.

In order to establish a great-persistent future, made myself a general framework which include in planning to be among the top, successful graduates from this discipline.Then, am keen to pursue my study into saturated at former university and doing some researches for about two years. By the age of twenty seven, I plan to hold a doctoral degree at another prominent university. This shall widen my horizon of thinking and give me plenty of worth experiences. While doing my thesis, I reckon to work with PEN or any others banking companies. It safe time and more profitable to work while accomplishes the thesis, just like killing two birds with a Stone. Maybe it sounds too ambitious, but we must shot beyond the stars so that when we fall, we fall onto the fluffy clouds.

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