Scholarship Essay (Topic: Response to college is a waste

There is only one good knowledge, and one evil ignorance Socrates is quoted as saying and it holds as true today as it was over two thousand years ago while admittedly college is not for everyone it is a voluntary improvement of one’s self. For as Aristotle said only by understanding why things are not just what they are can one truly understand the nature of the thing. This is rather easily applied to the study of one’s fellow man either from ages past or the present time. Just because you do not wish to put forth the effort, monetarily or mentally doesn’t mean that others don’t feel the need to improve their understanding of their surroundings. Also the average person with a high school diploma will make about a million dollars in his lifetime and have to take a lot of crap doing it a college degree gets you into better jobs. The man in the cubicle has a high school diploma, the one in the corner office has a college degree.

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