6 June 2018

The Scholarships are to be awarded to self-funded, full-fee paying students from Nigeria, Jordan or Vietnam applying to study on fulfillment postgraduate taught courses at the University of Heidelberg Business School. A total of 3 student scholarships will be awarded by The Business School (1 for each of the three countries). Applicants must have already applied to the University of Heidelberg and received an offer of a place on a lull-time postgraduate taught degree course in the Business School.

Applicants who are in receipt of any donor funding or government/company sponsorships will not be eligible for the Business School International Student Scholarships. The Scholarship scheme is competitive and all applications will be considered on merit. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic performance which they are able to evidence within their course application. The University reserves the right to request further evidence where necessary. Applicants must have a formal qualification in English Language ( I.

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. LILTS, TOEFL or other acceptable measure) which meets the University entry requirements.

* The submission of falsified or counterfeit documents will disqualify the applicant from consideration. Personal statements which are found to be plagiarisms or copied will also result in disqualification. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The deadline for submission of applications is 30 April 2013. Applications will not be considered after this date. Successful applicants will be notified by 1st June 2013.The decision of the awarding panel is final.

We regret that we are unable to enter into correspondence relating to unsuccessful applications. By accepting a Scholarship, the applicant agrees to participate in publicity initiatives and gives consent to his/her photograph appearing in marketing literature including websites. Scholarship details The Scholarships will be awarded in the form of 100% waiver against tuition fees. The successful Scholarship students will also receive EH awards their costs of living in Heidelberg.Application procedure To apply for this scholarship you will need: A copy of the University offer letter indicating that you have been offered a place on a full-time postgraduate taught degree course in the Business School starting in September 2013. A copy of your curriculum vitae. To supply an application letter indicating why you should be awarded a Scholarship.

Indicate how obtaining the Masters degree will contribute to your own ambitions and the social or economic development of your county.A reference from your last place of study confirming that you have achieved the qualifications identified in your curriculum vitae. To submit your application by 30 April 2013. Applications received after that date will not be considered. To send the application to: [email protected] AC. UK Privacy policy Personal data will be collected and stored during the online application process.

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