Oil Corporation Limited, Government of India, Iambi School of Business, ISM Dunbar, etc.

These Indian scholarships offers strong financial support to women and will help them to fulfill their dreams. Please have a look on the below listed financial aid opportunities and search out the appropriate scholarship. 1 Scholarship program: DOST Women Scientists Fellowship Scheme Employer: DOST Level of Study: Research Fellowship Brief Scholarship Description: The Fellowship Scheme for Women Scientists for societal programmer is initiative of the Department of Science & Technology.This scheme is addressed to women scientists and technologists who have “break in their careers” due to social responsibilities but have desire to return to mainstream science and work as bench-level scientists. All those women having a burning desire to utilize their scientific acumen through active research and development projects which are aimed at meeting societal needs and aspirations are eligible. Women scientists desiring to apply for this scheme are required to develop their own research project / proposals demonstrating science and technological applications for societal benefits. Scholarship Website: http://WV.

Dictionaries. Org/ 2. Scholarship Program: L’Orealal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship Programmer Employer: L’Orealal India Level of Study: Research Brief Scholarship Description: L’Orealal India For Young Women in Science Scholarship Programmer encourages and supports young women from Delhi/ NCR or Maharajah’s to pursue careers in science. The Programmer was instituted in 2003 and has consistently helped young women to pursue scientific research and development. A scholarship of RSI. 250,000/- each is granted to 1 0 promising young women and covers college fees for study in NY scientific field in a recognized college or university in India.Scholarship Website: http://MN.

foryoungwomeninscience. Com/ 3. Scholarship Program: Post-Graduate Nadir Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child Employer: GIGS Level of Study. Postgraduate Brief Scholarship Description: University Grants Commission invites online applications for the award of Post-Graduate Nadir Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child for the academic session 201 1-13 with the purpose of supporting post-graduation education through scholarships to such girls who happen to be the only child in the family. Scholarship Website: http:// WV. Ugh. AC.

N/notices/ACCESS 113. PDF 4. Scholarship Program: Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarships Employer: Fair & Lovely Foundation Level of Study: Graduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate Brief Scholarship Description: Fair and Lovely Scholarships 2012 are awarded to women only. The Fair & Lovely Foundation provides scholarships worth up to RSI. 1 lake each year for deserving girl students from low-income families who display an excellent academic track record, as well as social initiative and drive. Scholarship Website: http://move. Affirmatively.

N/fall_foundation/ scholarship_eligibility. SSP 5. Scholarship Program: Indian Oil Academic Scholarships Employer: Indian Oil Corporation Limited Level of Study: Bachelors & Masters Brief Scholarship Description: Indian Oil Corporation Limited – Indian’s largest commercial enterprise and No. 1 Indian Company in Fortune ‘Global 500’ listing under its Corporate Social Responsibility Programmer is awarding Educational Scholarships to meritorious students across the country with special encouragement to girls & physically challenged. Scholarship Website: http://www. Coil. Mom/About/Scholarships.

Asps 6.Scholarship Program: Lila Pentagonal Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship in Engineering Employer: Lila Pentagonal Foundation bevel of Study: undergraduate Brief Scholarship Description:The scholarship is for a period of four academic years and is subject to the candidate passing in all subjects and securing a minimum overall score of 60 % marks each year in the same college. For each subsequent year, the candidate will have to submit the college mark sheet for verification before raising the claim. Scholarship Website: http:// www. lilapoonawallafoundation. Mom/pages/Electroencephalographic. Asps 7.

Scholarship Program: Lila Pentagonal Foundation Scholarship for Post- Graduate studies in India or abroad Employer: Lila Pentagonal Foundation Level of Study: Postgraduate Brief Scholarship Description: Applications are invited for Post-Graduate studies in India or abroad in any discipline, for the academic year 2012 – 201 3 from Pane District. Those who have completed their graduation or has appeared for the final year examination they only can apply for L IF Scholarship. (Only those candidates who will pursue their first year post radiation in academic year 201 2 will be able to apply for scholarship) Scholarship Website: http://www. ilapoonawallafoundation. Com/pages/ Postgraduatescholarship. Asps 8. Scholarship Program: Women Scientists Scheme (WOOS-C) Training, India 2012 Employer: Government Of India Level of Study: Training Brief Scholarship Description: “Women Scientists Scheme (WOOS-C)” on PR, a scheme of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India for the women scientists is being implemented by Patent Facilitating Centre (FPC) of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFFS).

The scheme aims to train women scientists having qualifications in science / engineering/ medicine or allied areas in the area of Intellectual Property Rights (PR) and their management for a period of one year and eventually develop a pool of women scientists geared up in creating protecting and managing intellectual property in India. Scholarship Website: http:// www. Tiffs. Org. In/images/PDF/adapt_woos 2. PDF 9.Scholarship Program: Girl Genius Scholarship Employer: Iambi School of Business bevel of Study: Master Brief Scholarship Description: Iambi School of Business has initiated two unique scholarships to empower the most deserving female student.

The scholarships are Girl Genius for Poor Girls and gifted girls who have financial problems and can’t afford education The main focus is providing better education a career opportunities to young women in the 21st century.The girl students are selected on merit-UCM-need basis throughout the world. Scholarship Website: http://move. Ms. Du. In/eggs. HTML 10.

Scholarship Program: Updating Mrs. Memorial Educational Scholarship (For girl students) Employer: ISM Dunbar Level of Study: Graduate and Postgraduate Brief Scholarship Description: The number of scholarships covers 2 each year starting from 1st Year girls in 2009-10 which will be followed by renewal and fresh award number increasing to 8 after 3 years.

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