School Boy Humor, Mayday Parade

9 September 2019

Hello out there,
I’ve been hearing so many replica band’s lately who seem
like their doing something different, but their just doing
bad imitations of more popular band’s.
It irritates me when I can’t remember what songs’ go with what band,
’cause a large amount are starting to sound alike!

Now I have a few bands I think you guy’s should try out…

School Boy Humor, Yeah… thought’s of “No Way” were creeping
through my head until I heard a fun pop/punk tune that made me
take another listen. ‘Don’t Look Back’!
Signed to Vagrant Record’s, from Little Rock, Ak with producer
Geoff Rockwell ( he worked on Forever the Sickest Kids album).
This band is definitely one for a fun mood when you want to hear
a great pop/punk tune like the band’s song ‘Camera Shy’.
Have a listen: MySpace.

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Now, for anyone who likes rock vocals and an alternative sound,
then my I suggest a dose of Mayday Parade and their song
‘When I get Home’.
The band spent time on the Van’s Warped Tour and Released
A Lesson in Romantics on July 10, 2007. Derived from the
merger between the band’s A Kid named Chicago and Defining
Moment, the band is signed to Fearless Records.
Do you like Boys Like Girls? Do you enjoy Kings of Leon?
Try Mayday Parade…

Also I heard a band… Artist Vs. Poet,
I like the song ‘Runaway’ it’s catchie…
But is that the only good song?
What do you guy’s think of this band?

Until Next Time,
Gotta have music,

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