School Canteen Obesity

School Canteens Obesity Nowadays, children are becoming far more overweight in suburban schools, and on a personally view the schools canteens are a definite place to blame. If you look at an average school canteen, there is no respect for the weight of the child or no help for providing the healthier option; it is all about making the dollar or two to fund a business. This essay will contain points like problems of canteens, ways of making the canteen healthier and the worst offenders to canteen obesity.

Canteens are terrible; people line up with their money, walk in and buy whatever food they want. There is no mother in their ear saying to purchase a healthier option, there is just a child who wants to walk in a purchase the best tasting and in most cases fattiest options. As a personal view, to reduce problems like obesity people who have the power to should try and bring in healthier options, and encourage kids to eat them. As some schools have tried to introduce healthy food as well as unhealthy food, those schools haven’t backed it up with encouraging kids to eat it.

There are endless possibilities to making canteens healthier, you can just ban unhealthy food, you can make it super expensive so know child can afford it or want to buy it, or you can just ban the canteen in general. But unfortunately these options won’t work because as much as people want to get rid of the obesity in children you have to think of the people who work at the canteen, as it is there job. A more productive way of improving canteens is having both options to healthy and the bad but making the healthy items appeal more to people.

Or from a different approach you can have the unhealthy food but make it smaller in amounts, so you will be having less unhealthy foods, and then the students will be reduced to no choice but buy healthy food or accept there own home made meals, where the parents can control the healthiness of. Some of the main reasons canteens are so bad isn’t just an overall effort, there is many certain items that just add to the problem in massive amounts. The idea of a donut filled with fatty jam, drowning in sugar and served hot is no way an idea of trying to help yourself to improve obesity.

If you could ban certain foods, the changes would be dramatic, and while it might have a negative reaction at the start, in the future all children will be eating with healthier life styles and can make the drippy donuts and other such food a weekend treat, not your daily lunch. Overall, and as this argumentative piece has proven there are definite faults with canteen and there are definitely a big part in assisting child obesity, but to stop the obesity you have to do it in a way that incorporates everyone’s needs and a way that will appeal to young kids. Word Count: 514 words By Sam Bardoel

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