School Captain Speech

Good morning Mr Johnston, teachers and students. My name is Braydon Pilbeam, and today I will be talking to you about why I want to be the school captain of Soldiers’ Settlement in 2013.I think an important part of being a school captain and a role model is following the three most important values of our school, LEARNING, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.I am a proud student of Soldiers’ Settlement for many reasons, one of the main ones is our fantastic teachers and principal who not only make learning fun and exciting but also help to organise special things for us like the NRL stats program, laptops in classrooms, swim schemes, gifted and talented programs and so much more.

I’d like to stand up here and say I have all these great ideas like installing windmill to make it ore eco friendly or energy efficient, or to say that we suold no longer have to wear a uniform and dohomework, but unfortunately I can’t.That’s not to say I don’t have some good ideas. For example, we could have a healthy recess day once a month to encourage everyone to bring in fruit, or a spare hat donation that would mean if you do forget your hat you could still play outside with your friends and lunch and recess. I’d also be happy to listen to any students probelms or ideas you have that could be talked about at the school council meetings.I would like to get the school involved in some community things like the South Maroubra Fun Run because I know that people from other schools have entered as a eam before and I think would all have fun.We could do some different types of fundraising as well. Ehy not another crazy hair day? Or maybe a mini farmers market, selling the things that we grow in our vegie patches at school, or even a disco.

The money raised could go towards the new grass, schol supplies, new sports equipment or even Mr Johnston’s lunch. (Just a joke)All in all I’d like to be your school captain because I would be proud to represent such a great school, as well as the teachers and students in it. Because by being respectful and responsible for our own learning we can all STRIVE TO ACHIVE.Thank you for listening.

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