School Dress Codes

4 April 2015
An argumentative paper in support of doing away with dress codes in schools.

This paper, written in the form of a speech to the school body, examines the advantages and disadvantages of dress codes in schools. It cites a case study of a boy who wore his pajamas to school and uses this as a catalyst in support of the writers argument to get rid of dress codes.
“Good morning/afternoon, teachers and fellow students. I’m sure we all started today very similar to each other: we crawled out of bed after throwing our alarm clock at the wall puzzled as to why it still works after about a million confrontations with that wall we get dressed, grab a bite for breakfast or not and try not to miss our bus or the regular car pool. Am I right? Well, one person broke that routine one morning. His name is Daniel Lade and he’s in tenth grade at Middleton High School. One morning he fronted up to school in wearing a full set of pajamas! And they weren’t the flannel variety either which can pass for street wear. No, my friends, Daniel wore a full set of navy blue pajamas covered in tiny stars. 2 days later, some of his fellow students wore their pajamas to school. The principal of the school reprimanded Daniel for wearing his pajamas to school but let the other students go because they were wearing the flannel variety and the principal saw nothing wrong with it. (Landry, 2001, 1) Do you believe that Daniel deserved the dressing down as it were or do you think it was unfair of the principal to intervene? I’ll come back to my question a little later in this presentation. Just hold that thought.”
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