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8 August 2016

Here I compiled the reviews of some experts about preparation of CA Final from our ever best website caclubindia. You can find reviews in 3 different fonts in all subjects represent the experts view. Chartered Accountancy course is treated as one of the toughest course because 3 d is required. Dedication, Devotion and Determination. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Many members of CCI do ask me what is the perfect time to start with preparations or what is the minimum time required for finals preparations. Or something like, how much months’ leave they should get and they can prepare to clear the finals.

But friends, the fact is that there is NO RIGID METHOD of preparing for the exams, and it can never be. Because the moment you consider any rigid method for studies, that very moment you assure blockage of your mind. There are many circumstances, which can affect your preparations, not just one. So never try to prepare any hard & fast study plans. Rather prepare, flexible plans, so that you should not face any problem at last moment. The most important factor at FINALS level is conceptual clarity. At CPT/PCC/IPCC levels, we used to solve more and more sums to get practice in practical subjects.

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While in theory subjects, we used to learn or remember the answers and solve more of case studies in AUDIT and LAW. But at FINALS, this is not the criteria to deal with the subject. You may solve 100 sums of CONSOLIDATION in accounts at final stage; you’ll find 101st type of sum in your accounts exam. So here what matters is your own intellectual and interest in subject. Because at the end, vital is your thorough knowledge regarding subject, which you need to obtain after proper understanding every topic in detail. After all it’s not the la-la land but kind of battle ground.

So if any of you consider that practicing more sums in any practical subject assures good attempt in exam, forget it. Its ICAI, nothing is impossible here. TIME ALLOCATION Generally, I believe, 5-6 months time is sufficient for any average student as well to prepare for FINALS exams, without any previous coaching. Mind it, I’m suggesting 5-6 months of complete hardcore studies, no laziness is allowed. [I’ll suggest how to utilize these 5-6 months completely after a while in this article only]. Now, many students also find it tedious job to study for 5-6 months at a stretch.

So for them, I suggest, they should start preparing theory subjects after their PCC/IPCC results. That means, they should contribute 2 hours daily towards theory subjects along with their articleship. In this case, I believe students will be able to do with AUDIT & LAW atleast, before they go on leave for FINALS exams. So that means, in their leave period, they need to prepare for only 6 remaining subjects. I would still prefer that 5-6 months preparations, as I can concentrate in that method only. In that case, one should study for just 6 hours daily for first month, then 7-8 hours in the second and third month.

Finally should sit for even 10 hours a day in last two months. “Sixth month should be the revision month, and trust me, proper revision is a must required or else you’ll end up messing your preparations”. Anyways, let’s switch over to individual subjects and see how they are to be dealt. Hereby, I’ll be considering as 5 months of studies and 1 month for revision. So that means in all 6 months of study plans. And I personally feel, 5 months are more than enough, and especially all the time allocations mentioned below are really sufficient for every subject.

Second Group (2. 5 months, i. e. approx. 75 Days) Costing – 25 Days ISCA/MICS – 10 Days DT – 25 Days IDT – 15 Days And if at all, anyone feels that he/she should take two subjects a day and don’t want to go with above strategy of finishing off one subject first and considering other later. Then in that case, go by HOUR-SYSTEM. For e. g. , in group I, audit and law takes in all 30 days. So u can finish off these both subjects in just one month on hourly basis, i. e. divide your every day in 3 parts on hourly basis and allot one part to audit and 2 parts to law.

Like if you studying 6 hours a day, then study audit for two hours and law for remaining four hours, and accordingly finish both the subjects within one month. Anyways, let us concentrate on group wise preparations. Paper-5 ACCOUNTING FOR COST MANAGEMENT. first read theory than solve problems (30-35 marks que. ) take QT part – select sample topics say – assignment, Learning Curve, Transportation, simulation, CPM LPP formulation and diagram (25-30 marks que. ) take costing transfer pricing, pricing decision budgetary control, service costing last marginal costing and standard costing- many topics are based on cost concepts and marginal concep

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