School Is Cool

4 April 2017

Usually, when we talk of schools, the first thing that comes to our minds is loads of homework, boring lectures and the pressure of exams. The very thought of going to school makes us yawn. It seems that life would have been so very good if there were no schools. We would be free to spend our time as we wish without our mothers shouting ‘You are still watching T. V.? Go to your room and study’. Until a few months ago, I was also among the group of people who think so.

But now that I have stepped into my last year of school i. e. class 10, my lookout towards school seems to have changed completely. If we sneak into the flashback, most of us have spent or most happy and enjoyable moments at school. Hanging out with friends, pulling each other’s legs, laughing and making fun. Where else, but at school can we do this? This is my thirteenth and last year in my school.

School Is Cool Essay Example

Down all these years, I have developed a feeling of attachment towards my school, the teachers, the staff, the school building, the classroom, and most importantly my fellow students. It will be very saddening to leave all these behind. But we have no other option and have to move on. Maybe, students of the younger classes who read this will think that I am stupid. But I am sure that when they come to this stage, they too, will experience the same thing. Really, there is no place like school. School is really cool.

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