School lunch

7 July 2016

Many parents believe that just because their student is eating a lunch from school, that it is a healthy lunch. Well they are actually wrong, school lunches are getting worse and worse and are moving farther away from being healthy. School lunches can easily be improved if more effort and money are invested into them. School lunches are just one step in improving the health of many students. Schools are always preaching to students about how they need to have a balanced diet and eat healthier, but when the schools are serving what they do at lunch it is very deceitful.

There are multiple ways to resolve this issue including, having a fundraiser for the lunch program, eliminating certain unhealthy foods, giving the students more healthy options, and even having students bring their own lunch to school. Everybody knows money does not grow on trees. Schools are in a harder spot then ever when it comes to money right now. That does not mean that they should just buy cheap and horrible food for the students. Fundraising is an easy and reliable way to earn money for these types of situations.

School lunch Essay Example

According to Michigan. gov “Schools can benefit just as well (and even more, health-wise) with a fundraiser that takes the focus off of unhealthy food and focuses on something else such as exercise, entertainment, healthy eating, or the environment. ” Fundraisers are not limited either. There are tons of ways to raise money such as a car wash, recycling drive, or a read-a-thon as stated by healthier_schools_fundrasing. pub. Fundraising is a simple and effective way to get money for whatever the cause is.

One of the easiest ways to make school lunches healthier is to eliminate the worst item off the menu. That alone will get rid of some of the terrible things that students eat daily and force them to eat something different. Many students get the same thing over and over again when the order their lunches from school. This means that they are eating the same unhealthy lunches daily and no one is stopping them. Most students are not smart enough to stop themselves either.

This is why these “lunches” must be taken off of the school menu, Once schools begin to decrease the amount of unhealthy foods and increase the amount of healthy lunches, they will draw in more and more students. Another idea is giving the students options when it comes to foods and prices. Many students these days go off campus for lunch, one because they like the food more and two, because they can get the same amount of food for the same price. A sample Norco high students were asked “would you pay for healthier food if it was cheaper than junk food?

” As seen in a survey conducted majority of them said that yes, they are willing to pay for healthier food if it was cheaper than junk food. At Norco high school, you can either pay $2. 75 for a lunch without a water or $3. 00 with water. If students have more options such as being able to buy different “combos” like at a fast-food establishment, they will want to buy school lunches more often and get what they want. This will result in school lunches being cheaper, having more variety, and stop students from going off campus and eating the junk food outside of school.

One last option is that students can bring their own lunch to school, especially the students that do not like the school lunches, packing their own food is a very good alternative. This allows students to personalize their own lunch while keeping it healthy. Even if the parents were to pack their kids lunch, at least they know what their child will be eating versus giving them money for whatever the child chooses to eat. Babycentre notes that “You get to decide what goes into your child’s midday meal. You can try to ensure that your child is eating the kind of foods you want her to.

You can also plan an evening meal that doesn’t feature the foods she had for lunch, but contains other vital nutrients. ” Packing a lunch can be a stress reliever for both the parents and the students. The students already know what they will have for lunch and don’t even have to wait in line for it. Packing a lunch for school and even other occasions is an easy and good substitute for buying a lunch. Over all, school lunches have not been improving and neither has the obesity rate for teens and children.

In the article “Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause” Jane E. Brody states that “children aged 2-19 consume seven trillion calories of sugar-sweetened beverages a year” schools continue to lecture students about how this is bad and needs to change but yet they do nothing about it. The first thing that must be dome, is school lunches need to change and can be done so by fundraising, eliminating the bad foods, giving the students options, and or having students pack a lunch. Schools must change so the students can too.

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