School Self-Defense Opinion Paper

6 June 2017

I know that no two schools are the same. The rules may be similar, but they are not equal. However I believe that there should be one rule that should always be that same in all schools. The self-defense rule means that if a student or bully attacks another student or if that bully is harassing the victim, the victim can defend themselves without fear of suspension or expulsion. Most schools have the no tolerance rule, but that in my opinion harms students than helps.

With the no tolerance in place a student can not protect himself or herself when being pursued by a bully. the bully can lie his way out of it. When the student is hit by a bully, he cat fight back and defend himself without fear of suspension or expulsion. The self defense rule is a much better choice, because the student can protect him or herself, the students can solve their own problems, and in the future they are better prepared for the real world. With the self defense rule in Grundy Center, students will be able to solve their own problems through a little fght.

School Self-Defense Opinion Paper Essay Example

Back in the day when the staff was in school they did not have the no tolerance rule, and they turned out just fine. What would generally playout is that the bully would pick on the kid and hen the kid would probably get mad and retaliate. after a short fght the teachers would break up the fight and that would be the end of it. My dad told me ofa time when he was in school he was watching this bully pick on a kid and the kid got mad and punched the bully in the nose and broke it.

The bully did not mess with the kid after that and the bully got suspended and the kid basically became a hero. Another example is that at my old school an ex-friend of mine was mad at me for something, so he decided to come up to me and punch me in the back of the head, in n instant from Just retaliating from a mysterious hit to the head I swing and hit him in the face and give him a black eye. Well as it turned out he got suspended for a week and I was not punished.

After that me and the ex friend got along a little better but not close friends again. Also, me and a teammate got into a fght after school one day well, we did not get into trouble but it did help with the problem we had. Since that fght we have gotten along a lot more and we did not fght again. So in conclusion the self-defense rule can help the students a lot more than the no tolerance rule would. It will help the students learn to solve their own problems and take care of themselves without adult intervention.

It also helps the students prepare for the world when they leave, if a student goes into the world believing that they should never ever get into a fght then when they get attacked in an alley or get into a situation that would require self-defense, they might Just get into a fetal position and hope they don’t get killed. On the other hand if a student fights back when needed and they protect themself they have a greater chance of not getting hurt. School Self-Defense Opinion Paper By applegated96

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