Why School Uniform Should Not Be Abolished

I oppose the motion that ‘School Uniform Should Be Abolished’. Students are in schools for educational purposes and not to show off their outfits. Also school uniform protects the rights of the students, showing that everyone is equal. It also hence prevents students for committing crimes. This factor leads me to propose that school uniform should not be abolished. By wearing their own prefer dress code, most students are able to be confidence in themselves because they would feel great in what they choose to wear. But however this brings along some harmful effects to their peers around them. For example, if a rich student gets to wear his own prefer clothing, he will tend to choose a branded one which would cause friends around him who are poorer to be envy of him. This will in turn cause low self-esteem to them. It will also serve as a distraction in class as students may often look at the clothing wear by their friends instead of the whiteboard where the teachers write and explain the lesson on. And affects the learning of the students and deter academic success. Thus I agree that school uniform should not be abolished The wearing of own prefers dress code gives students the freedom to wear what they wish that make them feel unique and happy. However Singapore is a multi-ethnic country filled with people coming from different countries and has different beliefs. It is important for us to be sensitive to one another needs in order to maintain racial harmony. Hence the wearing of school uniform can deter racial riot and promote racial equality that is one of the most important aspect in Singapore. This is because when students are allowed to wear their choice of clothing, they may want to wear the clothing according to their races and religions. Students may unintentionally teased some other races and indirectly insult them. This causes unhappiness to arise from them as they may feel discriminated. That is the reason why I disagree that school uniform should be abolished. Research had showed that the wearing of school uniform by students can deter them for committing crimes. Hence in turn decrease the crime rate in Singapore. Students may just done bad acts out of playfulness. And wearing of school uniform can prevent them to do so as students tend to be afraid to commit crime in their school uniforms as they scared to be recognized and punished by their school hence making them think twice before doing. Therefore the wearing of school uniform should maintain as it encourages students to behave properly even outside of school premises. This shows that the wearing of school uniforms has more benefits than disadvantages and hence it should not be abolished as it promote equality and protects the interest of different races and religion. It also discourages students from commit crimes. Overall it allows students to work toward academic success and should be abolished.

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