School Uniform

Uniform is a standard set of clothes that is worn by a group of people. They may be members of an organization or a group of people having the same ideas. There may be thousands kinds of uniform in the world. Students, police officers, doctors, lawyers, teacher, security guards and many others will wear uniform when they are on duty. Boys’ uniforms often consist of dark trousers and light-colored shirt, maybe a jacket in cold weather. A girl’s uniform might consist of a skirt and blouse, and also a jacket in winter time. However, it seems that more and more people say that it may not be necessary for students wearing their school uniform.

People debate on this issue for many times. There are certain reasons why a student should wear uniform to go to school. School uniform is identification for students. It is a respect to the school. In addition, wearing uniform can show the tidiness and discipline of the school, decrease discrimination among peers. Furthermore, it can save the students’ time on choosing what to wear to school. It is a place for study, not a place for fashion. Students should concentrate on their study but not their clothes. On the contrary, there are voices from the students saying that there will be more freedom wearing casual clothes.

They also say that uniforms are expensive and ugly, and even some of them say that they feel shameful when they wearing those ugly clothes walking on the streets. Is that really so bad to wear uniform to school. Let us have a deeper look at those reasons. Firstly, a uniform represents the school. A person wearing a set of uniform represents that he/she is a student. Uniform is the symbol of students. Just as a doctor wearing his white jacket, when he puts on his jacket, it means that he is a doctor. It is the same as the police, lawyers and so on. Most of the jobs and careers required employees to wear certain kind of uniform.

An office manager wears a business suit. A sailor wears a set of sailor outfit. A lawyer wears a wig and a dark gown. A garbadgeman wears is special clothes. Careers which you can think of need to wear uniform to show their professionals. Students should also wear a school uniform to indicate their identity, and show the respect to their schools. A person wears his/her uniform well to show the respect to his/her career. Therefore, a school uniform is necessary for students. Secondly, wearing a school uniform can show the unity and tidiness of the school.

Many people say that there are too many rules in school. It is not easy to follow all the rules and standards of the school. This will increase the burdens of the students. I strongly disagree with this point of view. A school is a place to learn knowledge, discipline and self-control. The whole school learn the same things, wear the same set of uniform, there are no differences between students. This “burden” is shared by the whole school. The whole school is the same and the uniform is just like a “promise” of the school. Once you wear the uniform and enter the school, all students will be equal.

No matter you are rich or poor, pretty or ugly, tall or short; the requirement is the same, to learn what you should know. A school is a place for students to learn, to study. Students should concentrate on their studies but not what they wear. Lastly, school uniform can keep out some unnecessary disturbance on students’ studies. For example, if the students need not to wear their school uniform, those who are richer will wear the most expensive brand names while those who are not so wealthy will wear some casual clothes to school. Then, school will become a fashion show.

Students will compare their clothes and styles. Those richer students may tease on those who wear some usual clothes. Sometimes, even they will gather to form group, laugh at others or discuss their clothes. Even though those rich students do not laugh at other classmates. Those not wealthy students will feel inferior or self-abased on themselves. This causes much harmless to those students’ studies and self-esteem. To put this aside, we assume that students will not tease at others. There is still a very unhealthy phenomenon we need to look into. Students tend to spend more time on choosing the clothes for school.

A survey says that an American high-school student starts his usual day at about 7 am. The first thing comes up to him is to choose what should he wears to school for the day. America is a good example of not wearing uniform to school; however, it is found out that students spend more time on choosing clothes rather than having a leisure breakfast. Is that really wise to not wear school uniform to school. There are voices from students and parents saying that the cost of the uniform is very high and not worthy. But wearing different clothes to school is also a chance for students to buy more clothes.

Uniform may need only a few sets of them for the whole year. Wearing casual clothes will need not only a few sets, maybe a dozen of them. It is because nobody is willing to wear similar clothes all the day other than uniform. The cost will be higher than buying a few sets of them. These few sets will turn into the most precious memories in their life. As a conclusion, wearing uniform is always better choice for students rather than wearing casual clothes. Uniform can represents the identification of students, the respect to the school and also the respect of being a student. And also, uniform can show the unity of students of the school.

This can teach the students to learn discipline and self-control. To endure something they do not accept can steel them. And also, uniform can lower some unnecessary problems. Students will not compare themselves on the brands or styles of their casual clothes. Every student is fair in the school no matter how they are different in background. They can also save more time for study rather than wasting time to choose what they should wear for school. A lower cost of clothing can save the money for the parents for better use. With the above strong evidence, I strongly agree that students should wear uniform to school.

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