School Uniforms

Public School Uniforms; Useless Solution to Ever Constant Problems Uniforms.

They’re everywhere! Compulsory for most working Americans, they follow us throughout our whole life. Whether you’re a solider, doctor, waiter, or car salesman, uniforms are apart of your job. Now some people are trying to creep these uniforms into our public school system. Do we really need them? Will they make us more capable, more strict and studious? I don’t think uniforms are at all necessary.Students should be given the liberty to wear their choice of clothing to school because it interferes with their self-expression, uniforms are harmful to the transition to adulthood, and they only act as a ‘band-aid’ towards bullying, gang activities, and cliques. School uniforms in public schools conflict with a student’s freedom of speech as well as their freedom of self-expression. People have been known to express their identities as well as how they are feeling through what they wear.

With school uniforms it might encourage students to develop their own identities in different but harmful ways like smoking, drugs etc anything to set them apart from their peers. School uniforms demonstrate interference with ones self-expression and sense of creativity. Just by wearing them it discourages students, by not allowing their true personality to shine through. Creating a school community based on being the same as others will create more followers than leaders. Requiring uniforms damages children later on in life.Many researchers believe that children that are required to wear uniforms are indeed affected when they make the transition into adulthood. Young children are under the assumption that out there in the world everyone dresses the same and fit in you have to be like everyone else.

In reality they will have trouble adjusting to the “real world” because they were taught that everyone is the same. Controlling the socialization process could damage the student in throughout adulthood, as they are not prepared for the real world, where they will indeed be judged by their appearances.Children need to learn diversity and that even though people are different they can still get along without having to look the same. It is said that wearing a uniform in school will eliminate bullying, gang activities, and the formation of cliques. Uniforms only act as a “band-aid” towards all three issues. It does of course decrease the amount of bullying on the way certain people dress, but it does not completely factor it out. Regardless of what you wear, if people want to pick on you they will find a way to pick on you.

Gangs will continue to form because they are not going to let a blue collared shirt change their style of life.The clothes don’t form gangs, but it is one method of expressing it. And lastly, cliques will form anywhere and anytime. Conflicting personalities won’t be brought together by identical dress. People will gravitate towards each other regardless of their choice of clothing. If you’re destined to be friends or enemies it will happen one way or another. Clothes don’t pick who you hang out with, you do.

As either a lesson of ways not to express yourself, a way to persuade children that everyone is the same, or just an empty “solution” to cliques, bullying, and gangs public school uniforms are not healthy choice for the children of today.Uniforms may be in someone’s favor in the morning when you need to get ready fast or how they make a slight decrease in bullying, but that’s about it. Uniforms stifle a child’s way of self-expression and creativity. Bullying, gangs, and cliques form everywhere and wouldn’t be stopped simply by a blue button up shirt or a khaki skirt. And the transition of childhood to adulthood is sometimes harmed because of the oh so helpful school uniforms. It is important for students to develop their own identities..

Public Schools should not even consider the option of uniforms because they are harmful to a child’s personality, and future.

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