School Uniforms are Necessary in Today’s Society

Would you believe something as simple as a few items of clothing can save lives and prevent anxiety attacks? Well, school uniform can! I believe school uniforms are necessary in today’s society. They create a good image for the school; reduce bullying and discrimination due to student’s clothing choices and they take away the hassle of choosing an outfit in the morning. Firstly, school uniforms should be necessary in today’s society because the students are able to create a good image for the school.

Through wearing a uniform, students can be recognized as a part of that school and while looking disciplined and organized they can also create a sense of community and togetherness throughout the school. This is important for a school community as staff members can keep track of students, pupils can look smart and professional and students can form a bond of unity just by enforcing the rule of appropriate uniform. For this reason, I believe school uniforms should be necessary in today’s society.

Secondly, if everyone wears uniform, everyone will look similar, providing no reason for bullying amongst students due to lack of ‘trendy’ clothing. Some people believe school uniforms stop people from expressing individuality, but this remains untrue as there are other ways of expressing it. Light make up, hair styles and jewellery are just some of the ways students can express individuality whilst wearing school uniform. Bullying is a major problem at schools and discrimination amongst students due to lack of ‘trendy’ clothing is common among schools without regulation uniform.

Some severe cases can even involve self harm and suicide as a result of this. These factors not only take away from school spirit and value but down grade the school as a whole. The minor requirement of mandatory uniform amongst schools creates a safer, more comfortable environment, which is why I believe, in today’s society, school uniforms should be compulsory. Lastly, making uniforms a necessity can result in less hassle in the mornings because of students being unsure of what to wear to school that day.

In the society of today, adolescents become influenced be media and each other daily. Many become very stressed in the mornings about their outfits and whether their peers will approve of their clothing choices, leading to tears and anxiety attacks. The introduction of school uniforms in schools of which the students wear mufti is an easy way to deal with this problem, which is why I believe school uniforms should be mandatory. In conclusion, school uniforms are a definite necessity in today’s society, as the pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Regulation uniform not only unites the school but decreases bullying, self harm and suicide due to lack of ‘trendy’ clothing and hence forth teasing because of it. Students that attend schools that support regulation uniform are not without their rights to express individuality as there are other ways to express it while wearing uniform. Uniforms have also been proven to lower pupil’s anxiety and self doubt about their personal clothing choices. If enforcing the rule of mandatory school uniform at schools can save lives and lower stress levels, then I say yes to the necessity of school uniforms.

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