School uniforms is violation of civil rights

Throughout the years students hated the fact that they had to wear uniforms for school and they couldn’t wear their usually clothing like they normally do every day. Every day student’s complain about the uniforms lack of design and style. Kids around the world should have the right to vote if they approve on school uniforms or not. Young people often express their feelings through clothing that they wear. Uniforms will take away this form of expression, and also why should school districts try to make everyone look the same. A school uniform policy interferes a student’s freedom of choice.

Schools teach students that our country is a free country, but when school boards make students wear what they tell them too it curtails the student’s freedom. There’s an issue of cost for uniforms. Many parents shop for their kids clothes at stores. Uniforms can be a bit pricy for families might not be able to afford. Students would need to buy additional clothing to wear after school and on the weekends. That’s double the amount of money a family would spend than they would without the uniforms. Another reason is School uniforms aren’t comfortable, students enjoy wearing comfortable clothing to school.

School uniforms is violation of civil rights I. School uniforms shouldn’t be allowed A. By wearing school uniforms you are not able to express yourself an as individual. Students feel more freely if they don’t wear what they are told to wear. Another reason is that kids don’t like the uniforms is because the lack of style, dual, boring, and pricy. You look just like your peers, and you have to wear the same thing to school, day in day out. For someone who moves around a lot buying uniforms all the time can be very costly. B. I believe that there shouldn’t be rules about what you wear at public schools.

My opinion is if you are in a business that requires uniforms and your agree to it, and then you accepted the job under those terms. The same rules of thumb applies with schools regulations like for example your clothes are causing concern or attention because your skirt is too short or your shirt has suggestive things written on it, such as sexual, illegal activities, etc. Then your being told to change clothes because there inappropriate. One last reason is students need to be comfortable and happy so that they may learn and enjoy their learning environment. C.

Everyone should not be forced to be the same thing because if people were to wear school uniforms the school will look bold and boring like a prison where everyone has to wear the same thing. If the faculty has a problem with the way you dress tell them to go buy your clothes. Because most teens do buy their own clothes if they bought them they should be able to wear them when they please. II. Mandating school uniforms is a violation A. Making students to wear a school uniform is a violation of freedom of choice. The schools dominating over this part of the students life is completely out of place, as it violates the student’s choice.

Student’s should have the right, and to hopefully always will, to choose what to wear. This right (freedom of choice) is written out in our bill of rights and the school has no place to mess-up these rights. What one wears should be up to the person to decide. B. Also, uniforms are costly, and this money comes out of the state’s taxpayer’s dollars. People would want to pay as little as possible in taxes, as all the money given to the government is given at opportunity cost. If the entire public school students nation wide were to have these uniforms bought, at the expense of the state no doubt tax required from tax payers would go up.

Honestly are uniforms really that simple? What is simpler? Having only one pair of jeans and a T- shirt ready to put on in the morning, or a school uniform? C. Changing a school uniform program by itself makes an idea that simply changing what students wear will make a difference in their behavior. Most students do have another set of clothing, next to their uniforms. When they go out shopping or sightseeing uniforms take more time, because a student changes from uniform into normal clothes each day.

Those who like to give it a thought spent hours in front of a mirror, and those who don’t want to spend time on what to wear can just grab what’s there. III. Why I disagree on school uniforms A. Its waste of money. Also, some parents argue about school uniforms that they do not have to buy many clothes for their kids who save them time and money. Many kids will have plain clothes next to their school uniforms. The idea of a school uniform is that students wear the uniform at school, but do not wear the uniform, say a party or other events outside of school.

This would mean kids will need double set of clothing. B. You should have the right to wear what you want. Many schools don’t have that kind of freedom. In some schools with uniforms, teachers are constantly checking if students are dressed correctly in uniform, if you’re wearing slippers or high heels etc. Uniforms make students focus on all kinds of other things, and students will seen to become more of an individual by wearing all kinds of gadgets and carrying expensive phones, watches, sunglasses, calculators, book bags, etc.

Uniforms do not make things simpler, they deny students their rights, which complicates many things. C. School uniforms make laundry simple. Normal clothes dry much quicker. Also, uniforms must remain exactly the same color. School uniforms are made of polycotton witch I recently looked up. If they were made of pure cotton, they would face after a few washings and there would be color differences between the uniforms of various pupils, which does against the very idea of uniformity.

Polycotton is a very hot material, which is a problem towards hot climates. Kids tend to play a lot in the mud, grass, sand etc. Conclusion: So in my conclusion school uniforms are in a way that is very unique and different, but what is really the reason that students should have to wear them. The united states are supposed to be a country of freedom and individuality. Each and every person in the world is different, and making a people dress the same they cannot express themselves fairly they way that they would like to.

It is sensible for schools to be able to make dress codes, but telling students they have to all dress the same is absolutely ridiculous. Having school uniforms is not necessary and there are many reasons to prove why schools should not make their students wear uniforms. I understand that many schools around the nation wear uniforms for good reason. Such as if kids could not purchase enough clothes normally. I completely respect that and the schools which choose to do so. However, I do strongly believe that kids have the right to wear whatever they want to school as long as it is appropriate.

Just by having a school uniform doesn’t mean you’re enrolling in that school like for say, an intruder could easily go to a local store buy a uniform and come in the school just like everyone else. What’s so hard about wearing a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt I mean school uniforms are a big waste of money because having to buy one set of clothing then having to wear it every day from the beginning of school towards the end, and then the same thing as next year . . . You don’t want to really look the same every single day.

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