School Voucher Systems

4 April 2015
This paper looks at tuition subsidies and the voucher alternative, the latter of which the author discusses in depth.

This paper focuses on the costs and benefits of the school voucher alternative. The discussion includes states in which the voucher system has been implemented, and when possible, the successes and failures of these efforts. Many articles distinguish between full voucher programs, those including sectarian private schools, and school choice programs which do not include those sectarian schools, but this distinction is mostly for political reasons and is not be addressed in this paper.”
” The voucher alternative involves the government giving cash assistance, in the form of a voucher, directly to the students. These vouchers are usually set at a fixed value which can be redeemed at any school participating in the voucher system. This value is equal to the cost of education at public schools, making them free, but often do not cover the full costs of private school education. Vouchers increase the parents’ capacity to send their child to a school of their choice. ”
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