School Vouchers: Past, Present, and Future

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the politics surrounding school choice and school voucher programs in the U.S.

This paper discusses school vouchers and a national voucher program. The author looks specifically at the three best known school voucher or school choice programs: the Boulder Plan, the Milwaukee Plan, and the Cleveland Plan. The paper examines whether school choice programs been a successful public policy, and concludes that these programs are either: a) failing b) not yielding enough information to make a conclusion or c) just plain unconstitutional.

“It is clear that school choice and school vouchers have many problems, but these programs are beginning to show promise. The idea of national school choice or school voucher seems to be a disaster waiting to happen, because of the complexities and needs of these programs. The local levels are the places that can adequately implement such a program. The programs of race, privilege gap, transportation, school closures, separation of church and state, and funding need to be address. The research and data has made all of this clear, but has not made many feasible recommendation to began to amend these issues. Most researchers are saying that school choice and school vouchers needs to be forgotten as a failed policy idea, but this is the easy answer to a complex question. How do we adequately education and create opportunities for all of our students? Former Representative Fox is on the right track in looking for ways to amend these programs. Freedom of choice and competition are building blocks of our society. To turn on these beliefs is to serve a grave injustice to our way of life.”

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