It causes so many health problems such as vitamin deficiency, skin problems, obesity, stroke, high lood pressure, heart disease, fetal alcohol syndrome, cirrhosis or scarring of the liver, cancer of the esophagus, mouth, throat, and larnyx. Drinking alcohol ages you by making you look older than you really are. You can definitely tell the difference between someone who drinks alcohol and someone who doesn’t. If you don’t drink alcohol your skin will thankyou for and you will look much younger. Some people say that drinking alcohol such as wine Is good for your health, If you drink it In moderation.

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That’s the problem with alcohol it’s hard to drink It in moderation ecause it is addicting. You can do other things to keep your heart healthy that don’t risk an addiction. Bad Effects of Drinking Alcohal Alcohol causes so many other problems for society too. Drinking and driving is a very big problem. Many people have lost their lives because someone was driving drunk. There are commercials and organizations that put the word out continually not to drive under the influence of alcohol, but it continues to fall upon death ears.

One of the so called solutions is to get a designated driver before you go out to drink. People believe that they don’t need a designated driver because they do not plan to get drunk. It all comes back to addiction. Some people take one drink and they are drunk while another person It may take more than one drink. Rarely, does a person Just drink one glass of alcohol. If you don’t plan to get drunk than you won’t appoint a designated driver. Drinking clouds your judgement and you can’t think therfore you become irresponsible.

You also have bars where people go to drink alcohol on a regular basis. It is not practical o think that each and every person who frequents a bar will appoint a designated driver. They drive themselves there and for the most part they will drive themselves home. Getting a designated driver does not solve the problem of drunk driving. Alcohol Isalways advertised in a fun way. It Is associated ‘OF2 sponsor many of the sporting events. I really believe it is hypocritical because if you drink you will not be able to play sports.

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Drinking alcohol is totally the opposite of what sports is supposed to stand for. Which isaspiring to be all you can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. Overcoming any kind of obstacle to achieve your goals. Being athletic and in good shape and health. To compete and to win. None of that is possible when alcohol is in the picture. The best way to protect your health and your well-being is not to drink at all and encourage others to do the same. Doesnt that make more sense? The staff at drug and alcohol treatment centers are specifically trained to guide patients towards rehabilitation.

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