Draw a simple diagram ot a light ray traveling trom one medium to another. Include the following labels: incident ray, normal, refracted ray, angle of incidence, angle of refraction. 6. A light ray is traveling from a medium with a lager index of refraction to a medium with a smaller index of refraction. Describe what happens as the angle of incidence gets larger and larger. 7. Complete the following calculations. Use the tables below when necessary. a.

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The speed of light in a solid is 1. 96 x 108 m/s. What is the index of refraction for the solid? b. What is the speed of light in diamond? c. What is the speed of ethyl alcohol? d. The speed of light in a solid is 1. 56 x 108 m/s. Calculate the index of refraction and identify the solid. e. A medium has a speed of light of 2. 25 x 108m/s. What is its index of refraction and what is the medium? f. Light passes from air into water at an angle of 25 degrees. What is the angle of refraction? g. Light passes from diamond into air. What is the critical angle of incidence? 8.

One type of lens can produce an image that is upright, virtual, and larger than the t What type ot lens is his and where mus t the object be located 1 . The graph below is a climatograph for Welland, Ontario. What does this graph tell you about the variation in monthly precipitation in Welland? 2. List and describe 6 factors that can cause climate change. 3. Explain how seasons are formed in Canada. 4. What are 3 possible effects of climate change? 5. What does radiation budget mean? How can we calculate the radiation budget for an area on Earth? 6. Define the terms: conduction, convection, and radiation

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