Scientific Method and the Earthworm

4 April 2015
This paper explains the scientific method, the role of Rene Descartes in science and scientific information about the earthworm and then concludes with an elementary school project.

The paper commences by discussing, in detail and in a style that is easy to understand, the six steps of the scientific method. The next section of the paper presents Rene Descartes, mathematician and author of a text on physiology and psychology. Next, the author presents a detailed discussion of the earthworm. He designs an elementary education experiment project that uses the scientific method on earthworm segmentation. The author concludes that the earthworm is fascinating to watch as it moves and wiggles.
“Rene Descartes was a believer in the scientific method. His works often disagreed with the Catholic churches. He had a commitment to the scientific method with a vast array of other subjects. Mathematics was his greatest interest. Descartes wrote a text on physiology and psychology. He said that emotion was finally the physiological base and argued that the control of the physical expression of emotions controlled the emotions ”

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