Scientific Method Matching

10 October 2016

A scientist observes that a pond adjacent to an industrial plant has heavier algae growth than ponds farther away (G). I chose this as an example of observation because the sentence explains in detail how the scientist first gathered the idea to for conducting the experiment. 2. Ask a question. A scientist wonders if the waste water emitted from an industrial plant is accelerating the growth of algae in a pond.

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Scientific Method Matching
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I believed this sentence to be where the scientist asked himself whether or not the industrial plant had any bearing on the accelerated growth. I believe this sentence shows this. 3. Create a hypothesis. A scientist, based on his observation of the pond, believes that if a pond is exposed to the waste of an industrial plant, then the growth of algae will be accelerated (A). This to me is an educated guess. Although the scientist has not tested or proven anything yet, his educated guess is clearly stated here in this sentence. .Conduct an experiment. In her laboratory, a scientist pours a vial of waste water, collected from the industrial plant, and adds it to a dish containing pond water.

A second dish (the control dish), containing the same pond water, does not receive the waste water sample (B). This sentence gives the reader a hint by stating that the scientist is in her laboratory. It is here where the scientist usually conducts any experiment so it is only right that I would believe this to be the appropriate sentence for this step. . Collect data. After 5 days, the scientist measures the amount of algae present in each dish (D). Here the scientist is about to actually see if his hypothesis was correct. It is here that he will gather the information he needs to either prove or disprove his assumption. 6. Interpret results. After the data is collected, the scientist discovers that the dish containing both the pond water and waste water had more than twice the amount of algae than the control dish.

I choose this sentence or step in the scenario because it is after you gather your data that you are able to make a proven statement about what it is you have discovered in an experiment. 7. Report results. The scientist submits his findings to a scientific journal (E). By sending or submitting his findings to a scientific journal leads me to believe that the scientist has concluded his experiment and are satisfied with his findings. Therefore he is ready to submit results.

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