Scoliosis Explored

4 April 2015
A paper discussing scoliosis, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

The following paper examines what scoliosis, a condition causing the spine to curve with a “rotational deformity”, means psychologically and physically. The writer looks at what parts of the population are more prone to this condition, whether it is hereditary, painful and finally whether it has a cure.
“Probably not one of us can honestly say that our mothers didn’t tell us that at least once in our growing-up yearsand more likely, she said it more than once a day! Fortunately, for most of us, standing up straight is relatively easy. It’s a matter of remembering to pull our shoulders a bit back, tuck our tummies in a little, raise our chins and keep our shoulders level. But for some of us, “standing up straight” isn’t quite that easy. We can do all the shoulder-pulling and chin-raising we like, seemingly to no avail.

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One hip may be higher than the other; one side of our rib cage may be lower. Or we may have difficulty straightening out at all, feeling like we’re fighting our own bodies just to do so. The reality is, some of us are fighting our own bodies for our bodies have an unusual amount of “curve” where they normally should be “straight.” Eventually, we may end up at a doctor’s office to find out why, and there, we learn a new vocabulary word: scoliosis.”

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