Scope and Nature of the Problem Children Obesity

1 January 2017

According to Health Information Brought to Life, “Growing childhood obesity statistics, continue to rise. ” (weight–loss. emedtv. com/childhood- obesity/effects 2010). The First Lady “Michelle Obama” is involved; her mission is “Let’s Move”. She invites faith based, community and other organizations to create an inspiring reverse video to fight childhood obesity.

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Scope and Nature of the Problem Children Obesity
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The reward for the best video is $2000. 00. Childhood Obesity is defined as an excessive amount of fat developed on the body. Lohman, state, “Obesity is present when total body weight is more than 25 percent fat in boys and more than 32 percent fat in girls. Childhood obesity can become a carryover problem into adulthood if not address early in life. The heart of a child can become affected by fat which can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Children involved in physical activity have less health problems developed by fat.

Childhood obesity can cause health risk factors and can lead to life threating diseases. Children inactive in physical activities are reported with the highest health risk factors. The Health Risk Factors in childhood obesity are * Environmental Factors * Genetics * Social Factors * Illnesses * Medications According to Williams, “Fatty deposits put a strain on your heart and circulatory system as well as on all other system of the body. ” It has also been reported that obese individuals may have a hard time adjusting socially and emotionally in society.

When parents and teachers introduce nutritional foods to children early in life they learn to eat smart. It is important that children learn how to choose healthy foods before entering school. Eating right and staying activity will assist in maintaining ideal body weight. MyPyramid Eat Right Exercise Have Fun published a recommended guideline for children to lose weight and understand how to keep weight off. The US Department of Agriculture designed the website: www. mypyramid. gov Blast off Game The interactive computer game is created where kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity. Fuel” tanks for each food group help children keep track of their food choices.

The Blast off Game was designed specifically for children aged 6 to12, but older children can play. Research shows when children are allowed to assist in preparing meals, healthy eating habits developed. This is an excellent way to introduce nutritional foods and promote a healthier lifestyle for all children. Summary Childhood obesity is a growing concern in our today’s society. Scientists predict a shorter lifespan for the children of this generation.

Due to health risk factors researchers and scientists are developing guidelines to fighting childhood obesity.  Children need to know why scientists and researchers predict a shorter lifespan for their generation. 2. Describe how you plan on refining or limiting your topic selection. My goal is to provide information to inform and assist children with making healthy decisions, eating smart, exercise for fun by joining clubs, teams: (swimming), (basketball), (jogging), (skateboard), (gymnastic) (soccer), (dance),(boy scouts), (girl scouts), (4H), (Boys & Girls Club), (YMCA), etc…

Children can control their diet by avoiding fast food and cut down on viewing the internet and television. . Describe a specific claim related to this topic that you plan to argue in your final paper. Childhood obesity leads to heart diseases and other health relative problems. I will show children facts on obesity and why eating right and exercising is important in improving children’s health.

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