Be spontaneous. Be honest. Be creative. Most of all dive deep!! Self- assessment results: Developing emotional intelligence: 84 Discovering self-motivation: 71 Accepting personal responsibility: 63 Believing in myself: 62 Adopting lifelong learning: 50 Mastering self-management: 52 Gaining self-awareness: 48 Employing interdependence: 40 By doing the self-assessment, I learned that my scores are pretty accurate to my personality.

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I am happy with my two highest scores because it tells me I am strong in those areas. I know what works for me to become a successful individual. As for my two lowest scores I completely agree with the results that came out to be. I need to strive for success and be more open when asking for help and meeting other people. Score : Developing emotional intelligence My score came out to be 84. I scored high in this area because I strongly believe I have always been the type of person to put my mind in something I wanted to accomplish.

I like to think positive about situations because I feel like if I don’t then negativity can strive its way through and I will fail to succeed for worrying too much. Score #2: Discovering self-motivation My score in this area came out to be 71 . This is my second highest score I feel like this fits en very well because self-motivation is a big deal for me I like to commit to myself and go beyond then what is asked for. I like being motivated to conquer higher obstacles Score #7: Gaining self-awareness My score for this area resulted 48.

I am a person that is aware of my own strengths and weaknesses. I feel like I can analyze my own character and personality but I have struggled too sometimes. Score # 8: Employing interdependence My score for this area came out to be 40. I scored low in this area because I strongly agree that I am a type of person who is too shy to ask for any type of help. I feel like I drown in a cup of water because I intend to do

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things on my own, not because I am Ewing selfish but because I struggle to understand things and then become shy to get help. By doing this self-assessment, I also learned some things I need to work on for myself. Opening myself to help when I need it motivate myself in getting out of my shell. I look to the positive side and believe that I can succeed. I will work on my weaknesses and then I will retake this self-assessment and hopefully get higher results on my weakness points and hopefully get the title of accomplishment.

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