Scottsdale: Community Assessment and Analysis Essay Sample

Scottsdale. Arizona was incorporated in 1951 and is the 6th largest metropolis in Arizona ( City of Scottsdale. 2013 ) . Scottsdale is 184. 2 square stat mis located in the picturesque Sonoran Desert nestled merely east of Phoenix. North of the Salt River Pima Indian Community. and west of the McDowell Mountains. The city’s functionary motto is “The West’s Most Western Town. ” The metropolis is a premier country for new urban growing and development. and downtown Scottsdale is considered the finest urban centre in Arizona. The metropolis besides takes pride in keeping a clean visual aspect and heightening character countries such as the historic Old Town country in south Scottsdale. The metropolis of Scottsdale is routinely rated as one of the most desirable communities to populate. visit. and behavior concern harmonizing to the official web site of the City of Scottsdale. Arizona ( 2013 ) . Analysis of the functional wellness forms of the community of Scottsdale reveals a community rich in out-of-door recreational chances and yet has hapless air quality. vitamin D lacks. and hapless nutritionary consumption.

The 217. 385 people that call Scottsdale place have a strong sense of community ( Sperling’s Best Places. 2013 ) . The community is 89. 3 % white ( City of Scottsdale. 2013 ) . preponderantly Christian. and the bulk of people speak English at place ( US Census Bureau. 2013 ) . Hispanics. nevertheless. have a great presence in the community and encompass a big part of the staying minority groups ( Sperling’s Best Places. 2013 ) . 52 % of the occupants hold a Bachelor’s grade ( US Census Bureau. 2013 ) and most are concern professionals who work in direction. concern and fiscal operations. The matrimony and divorce rates reflect the national norms for the United States ( City of Scottsdale. 2013 ) . The cost of life in Scottsdale is higher than the national norm with a average place monetary value of $ 306. 500 ( Sperling’s Best Places. 2013 ) . The Scottsdale community values the alone life style and character of sophisticated urban cool assorted with the historic Wild West. where mountain king of beastss still roam following to five star luxury resorts.

The scenic desert terrain is assorted with tropical thenar trees and is meticulously groomed in private and public countries. The City of Scottsdale has a 12 community Parkss with senior centres and 25 vicinity Parkss offering activities such as walking. skating. jogging. fishing. baseball. volleyball. swimming. The motorcycle friendly community enjoys walking and biking the waies of the Green Belt and boosting on trails on Camelback and Superstition Mountains. The community is good maintained and there is a noteworthy deficiency of graffito. litter. and abandoned countries. The metropolis has a low violent offense rate and is good equipped with constabulary. fire combatant. and exigency medical services. with an mean response clip of 4:57 harmonizing to the one-year constabulary study ( City of Scottsdale. 2010 ) . Scottsdale besides has many national nutrient Bankss. blood Bankss. infirmaries. and mental wellness installations to serve its community members.

With an norm of three 100s and 14 cheery yearss a twelvemonth. Scottsdale occupants and visitants likewise enjoy the multiple out door activities and locales that the community has to offer. Scottsdale will host may esteemed events such as the award winning Arabian Equus caballus show Cavalia. the universe celebrated Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. Spring preparation for 15 major conference squads. and the Phoenix Open golf tourney ( Scottsdale Convention & A ; Visitors Bureau. 2013 ) . The metropolis of Scottsdale is a world-renowned golf finish harmonizing to golf publications. golf pros. class designers and golf teachers. The country offers golf players more than one hundred and 74 public and private classs to take from ( World Golf. 2013 ) . The community has a large challenge keeping the grass on the multiple golf classs within a desert province with small H2O resorts. Scottsdale pioneered effluent reuse and H2O banking which recycles H2O within the community therefore diminishing the demand to import H2O.

The community aims to conserve its natural H2O resources. continue its meaningful unfastened infinite. and heighten the character countries that make Scottsdale such a desirable topographic point to populate ( City of Scottsdale. 2013 ) . Rated figure ten as one of America’s most playful metropoliss. Scottsdale values resources like boosting trails and museums while touting conditions for walkability and healthy life style picks ( Sperling’s Best Places. 2013 ) . yet some of the community functional wellness form consequences reveal certain unhealthy tendencies. Scottsdale ranks in the top 10 in caffeine ingestion in the state ( Prince Market Research. 2008 ) . although low in nicotine ingestion ( 30 Cities with Smoking Problems. 2013 ) . intoxicant ( Ewalt & A ; Vander Broek. 2008 ) . and drugs ( Vardi. 2009 ) . Despite the extended out-of-door recreational countries. a high per centum of clip is spent on sedentary leisure activities such as telecasting sing with 33. 3 % of striplings watching telecasting three or more hours a twenty-four hours.

And. merely 25. 7 % participate in physical activities that last 60 proceedingss in a one-week clip period ( CDC-Arizona. 2010 ) . Scottsdale besides has the less desirable top 10 ranking for U. S. metropoliss with the worst air pollution ( Health. 2013 ) . above mean ozone ( Scottsdale=31. 8. US =28. 3 ) and particulate affair ( Scottsdale=33. 3. US=22. 1 ) ( City of Scottsdale. 2012 ) . A seeable brown cloud is apparent on bad air yearss. Children and the aged are vulnerable to respiratory jobs such as bronchitis and asthma. Local intelligence warns occupants to avoid out-of-door activities on risky yearss. Despite life in the “Valley of the Sun” . many Scottsdale occupants have a vitamin D lack due in portion to protective steps implemented to cut down the hazard of skin malignant neoplastic disease. such as the usage of sunblock and turning away of Sun exposure. and in portion to hapless nutritionary consumption. Many community members are lacking in vitamin D with merely 22. 3 % holding a vitamin D degree & gt ; 30ng/ml with optimum scope between 50-80ng/ml ( Jacobs and Alberts. 2008 ) .

Healthy nutrients rich in vitamin D. such as mushrooms. eggs. and fish are good beginnings of vitamin D. The functional wellness forms of the community. nevertheless. uncover a tendency toward unhealthy eating wonts within the community. The fleshiness rate is 24. 3 % . somewhat lower than the national norm of 35. 7 % ( CDC. 2013 ) ; however. about one in four people are corpulent. This per centum is brooding of the overall tendency in fleshiness rates lifting up from a national fleshiness norm of 13 % merely thirty old ages ago ( CDC. 2012 ) . There are one hundred and 32 listings for fast nutrient eating houses in the xanthous pages for Scottsdale. The metropolis streets are lined with eating houses. fast nutrient ironss. and food market shops providing to the busy lives of the people in the community. Healthy options are available in eating houses like True Food. Pita Jungle and My Fit Foods ; nevertheless. every twenty-four hours of the hebdomad. you will happen long lines at favourites such as McDonalds and In-N-Out Burger.

The community of Scottsdale has a nutrition shortage related to inadequate vitamin D degrees and hapless nutritionary dietetic consumption. Healthy nutrient picks. such as increasing fresh fruits and veggies ingestion and nutrients rich in vitamin D. is recommended for the community. Bettering the nutritionary consumption of the community members lies in the development of public wellness schemes to increase public consciousness and attacks to advance healthy feeding and nutritionary wellness. Fortunately. Scottsdale Healthcare Systems is the taking employer in the metropolis with over 4. 500 employees. and the local Mayo Clinic is ranked 5th with about 1. 800 employees ( Sperling’s Best Places. 2013 ) . These top employers provide wellness professionals and resources to ease coaction among public and private sectors in attempts to educate people.

The Scottsdale Parks and Recreational community centres and YMCA centres offer plans that promote wellness services and could ease nutritionary instruction to the community ( City of Scottsdale. 2013 ) . Community members value wellness publicity to positively impact the lives of kids and households and would. therefore. would probably be receptive to recommendations for healthy eating wonts. Over all. Scottsdale is a desirable community to populate in and see due to its many out-of-door activities and its clean visual aspect one can bask. Educating the community of their hazard factors for existent and possible wellness jobs is indispensable for better wellness. The community of Scottsdale has resources to assist the community improve and prevent wellness jobs. On high pollution yearss. there is a warning system in topographic point to rede vulnerable groups avoid out-of-door activities on these risky yearss. Educating the community about eating healthy nutrients that are high in vitamin D is indispensable due to lacks and hapless nutritionary consumption. Healthy nutrient picks will better nutritionary lacks. fleshiness rates. and help the people in the community to populate a better. healthier life manner. Gordon’s Functional Health Pattern and Assessment signifier was utilized in measuring the community ( see the appendix ) . A elaborate sum-up of the findings. every bit good as nursing diagnosings for each class. is presented in the attach toing tabular array.


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