Scouting The Braves

1 January 2018

The Atlanta fans ignite with sports chants such as “lets go Hayward” and “let’s go braves”. As the game starts saw the coaches giving the players signs using sign language to tell them to bunt, or even to take a pitch.

There are many different assets that mold the baseball culture together which include chants, sign language, sports talk, the sounds of the game, the smells of the ballpark and many different rituals that are particular to baseball, which have witnessed in person. There were forty three thousand fans that showed up and all had on some type of shirt supporting their team.Many fans had on jerseys of their favorite player, while others wore a shirt the color of their team. While the fans dressed to support their team, the players put on their jerseys in which they all wear a hat, a shirt with their team name on it, pants, belt, and baseball cleats. The only difference separating the two teams is the colors of their team and their name. Every player in the field has a baseball glove and the players batting carry a bat. All the fans are chanting for the home team, the Atlanta Braves and mostly all of the fans are doing the “chop” with foam tomahawk chops they gave out before the game.

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Every time someone gets a hit for the home team the fans start clapping, cheering and shouting in joy for their team. The opposite happens when something good happens to the Atlanta Braves opponent, the Braves fans start booing. This is because the fans care about their team and want their team to win, so when something good happens to the other team, which is the Dodgers, the Braves fans aren’t happy. Although the Dodgers have a few fans too, which they’re pulling for their team and hoping for something good to happen for their team.Baseball is an intense game especially when it comes to the postseason and both the players and the fans are emotionally attached to their team. Just like any other sport, the team you grow up near or what is to be the team representing your home State is the team you’re mostly attached to and the team you pull for. It was a beautiful night for baseball as the fans were snapping pictures, the smell of the ballpark food and the amazingly fresh cut grass of the baseball amend.

Before the game many people caught pictures with some of the players they loved to watch play the game of baseball.Also throughout the game the fans were taking pictures just to catch the beautiful scenery the night brought. While watching the game my dad and I would talk baseball, which many others wouldn’t understand if you weren’t familiar with baseball. My dad and I were talking about how and where to pitch a player up at bat by saying, “he needs to throw him a slider here low and outside” or “give him the high cheese”. These are certain pitches related to an off speed pitch and a high fastball.Walking around the ballpark before the game you could smell the best smell in the world, ballpark food. Fans were lined up at the concession stands waiting to feast on whatever food they wanted during the game such as hotdogs, nachos and most baseball favorites sunflower seeds.

Even the players would chew on sunflower seeds during the game while they’re playing. The keys to the baseball culture and what makes baseball includes the smell of fresh hotdogs, the sounds of the crack of the bat and he view of a beautiful baseball diamond.I sat in the stands along with all the other forty three thousand fans pulling for the Atlanta Braves. Was in the stands supporting my team to victory and I too was also doing the Tomahawk Chop, which the Atlanta Braves are known for. I talked with a few fans around me, just chatting about the game of baseball and exchanged thoughts about the game. Also, every time the Braves did something good would exchange high fives with the fans around me. Was a one of many fans that came out to support the Atlanta Braves, in which the fans are a big factor in helping a team win.

The fans act the way they do because they have grown to love their team. The fans where their teams jerseys and colors to represent their love for that team. With the fans doing the Tomahawk Chop, this is their way Of showing the Braves rituals, as every team has their own. With the players using sign language let’s only the team giving them understand what is suppose to happen, so they won’t give away what they are calling. All assets of the game are crucial in winning a baseball game and having a great atmosphere.The smell of fresh cooked burgers, the sound of hard hit ball, the chanting and the different traditions are the heart and soul of baseball, which I had seen firsthand at the Atlanta Braves baseball game. It was a sight to see as Atlanta took the game in a four to three victory over the Dodgers.

The fans stood by their seats and cheered so proudly for their team as they walked off the field with a win. There was nothing better than seeing a culture come together in supporting their team by using ritual chants as in the Tomahawk Chop and just witnessing the beautiful game of baseball.

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