Scream 3 Soundtrack

6 June 2019

The soundtrack to the final chapter of the”Scream” trilogy has the two elements most expected from a horror moviescore: terror and intensity. Creed, executive producers of the album, contributestwo songs that are substantially lighter in comparison to the others, but includetheir dynamic hit single, “What If.”

Many tracks will appeal to fansof hardcore rock. Slipknot’s most recent single, “Wait and Bleed,” is thebest song I have heard in the last year not performed by one of my favoritebands. The three percussionists add emotion and intensity to the band’s horrificcacophony that somehow turns out spectacular. Melody and fierceness aresimultaneously exhibited in “Crawl,” by Staind. Dope’s “Debonaire”demonstrates the characteristic intensity and political opinions that have earnedthem tours with Limp Bizkit and Powerman 5000. The latter contributes a song,”Get On, Get Off,” that is typical of what lead singer Spider has calledtheir “heavy metal space disco.”

The most unique song is probably”So Real” by Static-X.

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It blends metal with dance music to create a songhardrock fans could actually enjoy hearing at an average dance party.

Thisalbum features bands currently dominating mainstream rock. System of a Down (whocontributes their new single “Spiders”), Orgy, Incubus, innovativespooky-core act Coal Chamber, Sevendust, Fuel and Godsmack are all reasons topurchase the soundtrack.

Perhaps the best reason, however, is to hear”Scream” star David Arquette trying to be a musician with his band Ear2000.This humorous attempt is a pleasant intermission from the abundant horror. If the”Scream” trilogy seems too much of a parody of horror movies to actuallyfrighten you, you’ll surely appreciate being scared by the soundtrack’sextraordinary intensity.

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