Scrubs vs Grey’s Anatomy

There have been many different medical TV shows in the years. I have watched many of them because there are enjoyable to me and many other people. The two that I watch the most are actually very different in style but still are very similar in format. Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy are both about interns and their adventures becoming doctors, however they are different in many ways. For example, Scrubs is a comedy and Grey’s Anatomy is a drama.

In this paper, I plan to show you in detail how they compare and contrast. The most obvious reason that these shows are different is the genre of the TV show. Scrubs is a laugh out loud type of comedy, where things that will never in a million years actually happen, happen in this show. Scrubs target audience is going to be different because of this as well; the target is going to be for someone with light humor mainly in my mind for teenagers to thirty-year-old men and women. Many of their jokes are very elaborate and would take more time that an intern would actually have, but it is still funny.

Grey’s Anatomy is a completely different genre. It is a drama that depicts much more closely, what actually happens in a hospital, going more into detail on what actually goes on with the patients. They show the more of the sad part of medicine because; it is not followed up with a joke. Because this is not a comedy like Scrubs it allows you to see how hard it is to become a doctor and the stressful lives that they have. This is one of the reasons that I enjoying watching this show, when I want see the hardships that many of Americans live with, I watch Grey’s Anatomy.

When I want a good laugh, I tone into Scrubs. This makes the audience much different as well; I think the target audience is 14 and up females. Many men end up watching the show as well because their spouses watches it and they get hooked, that’s what happened to me. I enjoy watching both of these shows for different reasons because they are so different in style. Despite having the same bases for their shows, the creators of Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy went after a different group of viewers with a very different style.

With both shows, there are a group of interns that all started at the same time and they are together the majority of the show. In both shows, they become a good friend that leads them to hang out outside of work. In both of these shows as well they have become friends with other members of the hospital, their bosses, and they also hang out outside of work but Scrubs is the only one that has a member from the maintenance crew, the janitor, join them. This is just another example of how Scrubs does not depict what is really like in a hospital.

I worked for the maintenance crew for a hospital just out of high school, stocking the linen closet with clean linens from the basement; I never talked to a doctor or nurse, except my step mom. When these groups of friends hang out they both go to a bar to hang out and forget about the hard job they have to do. Grey’s Anatomy is the only one that becomes friends with the bartender and uses him to talk to and vent when things go bad. The similarities here are those of many careers, and that is going to the bar after work. The bar is a place frequent by many people and many TV shows have it as a major scene.

Both of these shows are no different, they both have many scenes that are in a bar. Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy are both about interns and their adventures becoming doctors, however they are different in many ways. In this paper, I have showed you how Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy are similar and different from an overall and detailed manor. I enjoy watching this shows even though they are so different and some much the same. I have also noticed that many of the actors that play patients in one show will also play a patient in the other show. I have noticed at least ten different actors that have played a patient on both shows.

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