Sea Escape

2 February 2019

I hear the splash of the ocean waves pounding against the shoreline, feel the cool calm breeze against my skin, and take a moment to just breathe. Memories of my childhood come rushing back to me. It’s a brisk day at the beach and I am sitting on a bench with my mother, watching the ocean waves curl. The only thought in my mind is winning that stuffed bear in the arcade. I nag my mother repeatedly, but she keeps her eyes on the shoreline, calmly watching. My mother turns to me and says” When life’s challenges have you feeling lost, or stressed beyond relief, you need to take a moment to find the peaceful things in life. Take a moment to just breathe.”

It will not be until later in life that I take my mother’s words of wisdom to my advantage. I have always been a strong believer of the motto “Everything happens for a reason”, but I began to feel as if I could not handle what was happening in my life.

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I sat watching helplessly in the hospital room, as my mother’s health deteriorated right in front of my eyes. Burdened with the stress of our financial situation and balancing two jobs with the workload of school, left me feeling suffocated by my responsibilities. I felt beaten down and cornered until I remembered that day at the beach with my mother. I needed to find the peace in life; I needed to take a moment to breathe.

While sitting on that same bench at the beach, I thought of my mother and the infallible strength she has shown me the past seventeen years. My mother struggled to make ends meet her whole life, and yet she still radiates a positive glow of optimism. She has overcome every bad card that had been dealt to her in life with unfaltering willpower. I feel empowered as I am reminded of my own mother’s continuous devotion and strength throughout her life. My mother has inspired me to have the strength, determination and ambition I need to succeed in life. Even if only half the courage and strength my mother has displayed during her life passes into me, I will be the most gracious person in the world.

I feel the smooth grains of sand brush against my feet as I walk the shoreline, hear seagulls call out as they circle the sky, and breathe in the fresh sea air. With the inspiration of my mother’s courage and dedication in hand, I am prepared for everything life could possibly throw in front of me. While watching the enchanting waves unfurl, I am exhilarated by the thought of vast adventures waiting for me as the next chapter of my life unfolds.

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