Seaboye and Gayme

4 April 2015
A look at two supreme court cases and their impact on Canadian rape shield legislation.

This paper is an examination of the two cases of Seaboyer and Gayme by the Supreme Court of Canada at rape shield legislation for sex assault witnesses. The author reveals the manner in which these cases were conducted and how the verdict raised public controversy.
From the paper:

Seaboye and Gayme Essay Example

“In the case of Seaboye and Gayme, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision which was divisive, not only among members of the court, but also within the nation itself. In delivering this verdict, the court became the target of accusations that it had ignored the interests of women. It had shown disregard for the victimization which women have been subject to in the process of sexual assault trials. As well, the court introduced procedural rules which made women’s experience in sexual assault trials more of an ordeal than the process had been under the common law (Bowland, 1994).”

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