Sean Lennon – Into the Sun

7 July 2019

John and Cynthia Lennon begat Julian, and Julian begat afew solo records that sounded like Phil Collins. John and Yoko Ono begat SeanLennon, and Sean begat “Into the Sun,” a debut album that’s soimpossibly twee, it sounds like the helium-damaged hijinks of Ween.

YoungSean inherited his parents’ appetite for the absurd, but he’s more indebted tothe splice-and-dice, anything-goes aesthetic of Beck and Cibo Matto (which he ispart of), whose Yuka Honda produced “Into the Sun.”

Sean Lennon – Into the Sun Essay Example

Sean floatsmile-high vocals and flowery lyrics over bossa nova grooves, guitar freak-outsand the Weeble-jazz of “Sean’s Theme,” which wobbles but never fallsdown. “Into the Sun” isn’t gratuitously weird, just a little mixed up – and all the better for it.

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