Searching for Self

3 March 2019

To find their identity one will search the depths of their character to find what lies within; often coming across a mirror image of the world’s deception of how someone is “expected” to live their life. We as a people have been imprisoned by a definition of how to live our life. The great and sought after “American Dream” is followed by an almost perfectly blissful gratification for those “lucky” enough to fall into the ways of the world; however, those who follow this illusion of righteousness discover that the dream of building their castle on sand will quickly collapse into a nightmare of materialistic rubble. Romans 12:2 calls mankind to conform no longer to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Living life by Romans’ credence one will find their inner-self. Throughout life one may be pressured by the weight of the world to become one with the world; however, it is those who countervail this expectancy that ripen into the great men of history.

There is a juncture in life when one learns that living by the world expires the living, but to live separate from the world brings forth rejuvenation and joy in one’s life. When one reaches this point of enlightenment, there is a realization of being an individual liberated from this world that becomes apparent, forcing the choice of staying worldly or becoming eccentric to the world by renouncing its ways.

Searching for Self Essay Example

. So step up to a world of deception and reveal unto it the nature of integrity. It is at that beautiful moment of betrayal to the world that one will redefine their character and discover their true identity.

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