Searching For SUmmer

8 August 2016

In “Searching for Summer” Joan Aiken uses details to portray the dark, negative, worldly mood and the happy, bright, and energetic mood of the different settings. The negativity surrounding the people of England, and the world, have drastically changed their whole lives and have made the world even harder to live in. A cloud of obscurity and anguish that was caused by war is blocking the rays of bliss and delight; however one couple is determined to find “a bit of sun” pg. 66 that will change their lives forever.

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The people of England are depressed and disheartened from the sinful, shadowy way of the world. The world has changed that “all heavenly sideshows have been permanently withdrawn” pg. 66, and shows that England’s people have no hope, nothing to look forward to or nothing to be happy about. The mood portrayed in this particular quote summarizes the mood of England, or the world; very bittersweet, blunt, and dark. England has “no flicker or patch of sunshine to be seen anywhere in the grey, winter-ridden landscape” pg.68. Therefore the people have no flicker or patch of happiness to be seen anywhere in the world. England is currently in August when the grass is supposed to be lush and green and when family is supposed to be laughing and loving together, but England is going through the complete opposite because of the negativity surrounding the people’s trapped souls. “Whitish gray, day after day…the sky endlessly secretively brooded. ” Pg. 66, no sign of change, the people of England have no sign of hope.

This, unfortunately, is what the people have had to get used to living with, and have become used to being depressed and having a dark soul. The sky is permanently dark, and this symbolizes that the people are permanently dark. The few spurts of rays of sunshine coming up here and there represent the few people like Tom and Lily who are trying their hardest to remain happy and bright. The people have the choice to get out of this negative mindset, to better their lives, to fight for what is supposed to be theirs, and not let the world take that away from them.

The cottage and Mrs. Hatching represent the faith and hope that people can and should have. They need to push through and be happy no matter what, to have a healthy, happy life. Tom and Lily had no hope as shown here: “The sun? Is it really the sun? Tom said almost doubtfully. ” Pg. 72, Tom was very much surprised at the fact of this. Tom was determined for a while to find this “patch of sun”, but slowly grew less and less enthusiastic; this shows never to give up because you could be so close to your goal when you give up.

It gives the mood of hope and satisfaction. It was just up to Lily and Tom to open their eyes and see the positivity that still is available to them, and the whole world. This patch of land beholds life and “blazing geraniums… Housed a dove of murmuring bees”, all because it has one simple thing: sun. It’s bright, heavenly, and beautiful and the whole world is missing out on it, when they could be enjoying summer also. The mood is cheerful, very natural and no darkness at all. “Look at the sky, out there between the geraniums, blue!” pg. 72 is finally a hint of satisfaction and completeness, colorful, and bright. The geraniums and the blue sky are what Lily and Tom wanted more than anything, to see a glimpse of the real world, and it was finally there right in front of them. Life is a beautiful thing that can be harmed, changed, or destroyed. When changes like these happen you need to be one of those people like Mrs. Hatching who stay “chin-up” with a positive attitude. When you do this you won’t have to search for summer, it would be apart of your life already.

The cottage and England are like day and night in appearance, mood, and setting, and demonstrates the contrast between a healthy lively life and a dull, dark life. When you live in the light, your healthy and fulfilled like Mrs. Hatching explains: “I Been living here these eighty year wi’ out troubling doctors, and I’m not faring to begin now. ” Pg. 73 When you’re surrounded by positivity your soul will be positive; when surrounded by negativity your soul will be negative. This quote is almost fiction. An eighty year old woman that hasn’t seen the doctor not once, when people living under the cloud probably constantly get sick.

Sun is life, dark is death. Mrs. Hatching’s positivity has kept her whole she says: “fine thing if the sun were to stop shining” she is so positive that she doesn’t notice what others see; she is in the light and is perfectly fine in it. Once you find the sun you will have it forever. Lily realizes that “they’ve never even noticed that the sun doesn’t shine in other places. ” Pg. 72. Mrs. Hatching is comparing the life under the sun and life under the worldly cloud. She finally realizes that everyone should experience the sun, and have their life changed.

They should all take advantage of this beautiful gift of freedom we have; to steer our lives under the sun instead of under the dark cloud. Living under the cloud of the world is no way of living. You have freedom to find the sun and change your own life and this is not easy to do, but the reward is priceless. We all get caught in a bad mood or state of mind but it will eat your soul alive if you allow it to linger there permanently. To be positive is to male life worth living, and to make the best out of the struggles it presents to you. You cannot change the ways of the world, but you can change the ways of your life.

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