Seattle University Essay

10 October 2016

Why do you feel that Seattle University is a good match with your educational goals? Seattle University’s Jesuit teaching makes this college one of my top choices. My approach to education is eerily similar to Seattle University’s mission statement. I thrive best in an environment that focuses on educating the whole person through academics and spirituality. Since faith is a key component of my life, I want an education that views intellect and faith in a complementary way. Combined with Seattle University’s emphasis on community service, I will also learn how to make an impact both locally and globally.

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As I grow into adulthood I want to push myself. I also want to find new ways to make a difference in my surrounding community. Through Seattle University’s various service programs, I can nurture that goal. Albeit there are many Jesuit universities scattered throughout the country, Seattle University’s Matteo Ricci College of Humanities sets it apart from all others. I am extremely fortunate to attend John F. Kennedy Memorial High School where Matteo Ricci classes are offered. I am currently taking the Public Policy/Social Justice course.

The class has uncovered various avenues of critical thinking that I have never considered before. I have discovered more about myself in this one semester than I have in the previous three years of high school. I fit into the groove of Seattle University courses and their well-rounded, introspective distinctiveness. Finally, Seattle is home. I was born and raised in this eccentric city, a city whose culture is reflected by Seattle University’s student body. I prosper in diverse surroundings, because I enjoy being exposed to many different types of people and cultures. I believe there is something to learn from all walks of life.

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