Second Language

The language is the most important means of communication. It is necessary to be able to communicate not only in your own language but also in a foreign language. That is why people learn languages. The most important language of all is our mother tongue. We learn it from very young and it stay with us until we die. When we want to learn a new language, we must know our own very well. There are many different people and everyone learns a foreign language in his own way.

For some people to learn a language is very easy. Usually these people dont need any help, they learn by themselves. All they need is a book or a stay abroad. An other group of people are people who work hard to learn a language and most of the time it works. For them the process of learning a foreign language is quite long and they need a lot of patience and endurance.

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And then there is a third group of people. These people always start to learn a language but they never finish.

That means that they dont know the language properly. The most important and the most popular language in the world is English. When we know English we can communicate almost all over the world because most people learn English as their first foreign language. English is used in information technologies, in travel airports, buses, trains, ships. Not only English but also other languages you can use to get information from Tv, radio, newspaper. We choose which language we want to learn also according to where we live.

Sometimes is is necessary to learn the language of our neighbouring countries. Learning foreign languages means more opportunities when traveling to other countries. We can get to know new countries, new people, new cultures and make new contacts. All this is much easier when we have learnt the language. Today many people need to learn a foreign language because they want to find work abroad. The better they know the language, the better chance they haveto get a good job.

In some countries there is the problem that people think that they dont need to learn any other language except for their own because they think that everybody else will learn their language. This is an advantage of small countries where the people are flexible and are able to learn not only one but very often more languages. It is true what people say that the more foreign languages you know, the more opportunities you have. Everybody should have this in mind and be open to new chalenges.

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