In the world there are societies, for instant there are societies such Modern and Western societies. However in these society, there are secret societies in which we do not who’s part of it Now the question is what the different secrets societies are there. For example one ot secret societies that exist Is the Knight Templar. In this text It Is going to explain about a few secrets societies and when they came Into existent, what they do and who Is part of it. Illuminati The definition of illuminati is enlightenment. However it is also refer to the name ofa conspirator organization.

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It was created on May 1776 by Bavarian Illuminati. l This conspiratorial organization was to create a “New World Order”_l It is basically the Image ot savarlan Illuminatl to rule the world. 1 Also this group was to resemble another group the name Is Freemason. 1 The Illumlnau groups have their morale system of authority. 1 It Is used throughout the order. 1 However during the modern era it was supposed to be used at the outside world. 1 Also the lower classes in the organization were deceitful and look down on them in which created disagreement inside the order. 1 This predicament was caused by Weishaupt to create the perfect

Individual by encouraging him or her to nave more selt dlsclpllne In one self. 1 The person who wanted to be In this order thought It was first Important step was to know there secrets. 1 This practice was adopted by their arch-nemesis known as the Jesuits. In some cases the illuminati where presumed to be in many historical like the J. F. K assassination and 9/1 1. 2 Researchers believe that the reason John E Kennedy was shot is because he expose this secret organization and 9/1 1 was plotted well betore Osama Bin Laden,2The reason why they are called a secret society Is because he knowledge of who’s Is part of It Is very little.

But many people believe that most Illuminates’ are musicians such Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Beyonc©, etc. 3 Freemason The freemasons are

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of the oldest secret society known to the knowledge of us. They are very powerful brotherhood in which there goal is to rule the world. The origins of this organization are quite unknown. It is set to believe that it was founded during completion the Solomon Temple or possibly during “the dawn ot dawn civilization in Egypt. 6 The reason researcher of the occult believe It Is because the Great Pyramid of Cheops Is believe to be made by a Mason.

This secret of brotherhood has many building around the world. They are called Masonic Temple and they are reunions for the brotherhood. Their secret society has their secret handshake to wonder if you are part of ita Also the Freemasons have their rankings. 6 The first degree is when get you into the initiation which called Apprentice. 6 Then you become Fellow Cratt which Is of second degree In which you learn the way of a Mason and then the last degree Is Master Mason In which you must participate In all activities that are Masonry. 6 Now not all Freemason do devil worshipping.

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