Sedentary life

6 June 2016

Many of the diseases which afflict people who do office jobs are the direct results of a sedentary lifestyle. Do you agree? That lack of activities in life contributes to many diseases is a fact. Nowadays, the image of office work as a safe and healthy occupation is destroyed. Many people have mentioned that office jobs and sedimentary-related diseases are inextricably linked together. While I accept that it may suit them, I believe that such illnesses are deeply rooted in poor general knowledge about health and it’s methods and also environmental pollutions in working places.

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Unfortunately, the rate at which the public knowledge grows is not as fast as health science. Due to some factors, such as poverty and poor educational strategies, many people are not aware of simple and appropriate methods of caring and prevention. Statistics show that more than sixty one percents of employers in offices who use computer and laptop frequently are not familiar with the best way of standing on chairs. It would result in or has a high likelihood to result in back pain and more pressure on heart. As many researchers assert, teaching many scientific proofs about physical situations would be able to prevent many office related diseases.

Another important factor which has many knock on effects on employers is the sort of pollution existing in work place atmosphere. Offices in big cities often located in noisy and polluted part of town, so that workers are working in a very dense and dirty area. As a result, in Berlin, planners had decided to decline the density of offices in certain are during ten years and had distributed them uniformly in the country. This plan not only yields to a better traffic situation in Berlin, but it also come to more healthy working environments.

If planers provide more facilities and subsides on teaching healthy styles in working offices and have an appropriate intervention in deciding about office location, it is a reason to hope to have a more healthy office workers in our society.

A sedentary lifestyle is a mode of living in which a person, an adult or child, does not engage in sufficient physical activity or exercise for what is generally considered healthy living. The term is often used by doctors or professionals within the medical community to describe a lifestyle among many people in highly developed countries that does not afford them opportunities for physical activity. This type of living has been heavily influenced by the propagation of passive forms of entertainment, such as television, video games, and computer use. Along with such inactive types of entertainment, large numbers of adult workers have shifted from physical labor to office jobs, especially in technologically developed nations.

Many studies conducted by doctors and researchers have indicated a variety of negative impacts on a person’s life due to living a sedentary lifestyle. Most common among them is increased weight gain and obesity and the accompanying health problems they can cause, such as heart disease, diabetes, and increased chances of certain types of cancer. Lack of exercise can also have a negative impact on a person’s immune system, which can create the possibility for even more negative health consequences. Living this type of lifestyle is not necessarily synonymous with laziness, since a person can be very busy with work and family but without inherent opportunities to exercise. Someone who works at a computer in an office, typically driving or riding in a motor vehicle to and from work, and coming home afterward to watch television or sit in front of a computer once more is likely to stay busy but still not find ways to remain physically active.

This means it can be critically important for people who work in these types of careers to find other opportunities for physical activity. Finding ways to get exercise throughout the day, even for someone who works in an office or drives all day, is an essential part of breaking free from a sedentary lifestyle. This can include walking, running, or performing other exercises during breaks and lunchtime as well as finding opportunities for exercise throughout the day. Practices like using the stairs instead of an elevator, parking farther from work to have to walk a bit more each day, and exercising legs and arms even while sitting at a desk are all excellent ways for someone to increase his or her activity.

prevention is better than cure essay
That subject has a long history and nowadays, all persons who work as medical man choose prevention ways and suggest it to others.

If we’ve look in narrow view to medical treatment history we found ,how many
people lost their life just for unknowing a simple thing on infections and ways of affliction. for example a specimen of fever which called milk fever is infected from milk to body and make an agitation in digestion and nervous and defensive systems in the body,it can doesn’t occur if we just boiled milk.

In fact,Cure has divided in two categories,known cure treatment is belonged to the first category and second group is about the treatments is under discover processing treatment.but prevention ways is known for all of them and for avoiding afflicted with a disease we need to know just some aware which can get it from different ways like broadcasting,internet or directly from physicians.

I believe government play an important role in ascending prevention culture,they can done it by investigating in medical centers for different purposes like making training course for persons who relevant to the sickness or sending trainer to far land or border area.Give budget for developing in medical research and encourage people who work in this part.

Many countries have many people believe in traditional treatment instead of scientifically, in many cases neither of them doesn’t has scientific basis, but it has been originating from our descendant’s knowledge, it mean they have test and check it on many people and their outcome can be use by medical doctor to examine and find new solutions on avoidance way or treatment.for an species it was fame from the past, it shouldn’t ate melon with honey because it made disorder in digestion system.

From the day we born we have thought to brush teeth twice a day, wash hands before every meal, not to eat uncovered food from roadside shops and stalls, drink boiled water and many more good habits. And every child has given vocational injections like “polio”, “rubella”. This is all because to prevent disease instead of curing it. There are many reasons why people tend to prevent instead of cure. One reason is that some illnesses can’t be cured.

Disease like HIV AIDS, dengi has no cure. Dengi infect ease have to stop all their work and rest till it get cured by body itself but AIDS have no cure at all. So in this prevention is the only option. When you get sick, you have to visit doctors, buy medicines, sometimes bed rest till you get full recovered. All These things cost your valuable time. So preventing from disease save your time instead of curing. If you get sick, you may have to visit doctors and most of the time you have to pay for it. Also you cost money for the medication you buy. So preventing not only save your time, but also your money. Preventing yourself from disease also help to stop them from spreading. Preventing yourself is very important in times that epidemic disease spread. It may help to stop another hundreds of people getting infected and also in a country like Sri Lanka where the resources are limited you may saving a bed for a another person. Preventing save your valuable time, money and it helps to stop disease from spreading.

It’s clear that prevention is always better than cure I certainly think it is very true that prevention is better than cure. When we speak of illnesses, the common cold and influenza, or flu, comes to mind immediately. These two illnesses can be prevented although many people think otherwise. To prevent falling ill easily, one has to first build up his immune system. To do that is not as difficult or impossible as many would think. To build up our immune system, we need to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. By eating well, it does not mean that one has to gorge oneself during each mean. Rather, it means he has to be more aware of what he eats. Put simply, it means he has to eat food that is beneficial to his body, namely those that contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat necessary to keep him healthy. The amount a person requires form each groups depends greatly on his lifestyle.

Thus, the diet of a person who does mainly sedentary work is different from that of a person who labours manually for the most part of the day. Sleep, as everyone knows, is important as it gives our bodies the rest that we need. We should try to sleep at least eight hours a day so that our tired bodies have enough time to recuperate and be ready for another day. Very often, a person thinks he can skip an hour or two a night to watch an exciting programme on television, or to finish a game on the computer. Little does he realize that by skipping an hour or two each evening, he is depriving his body of precious recuperating time. This time lost cannot be made up by extra sleeping hours at a later date. As time goes on, he grows more susceptible to illnesses as his body becomes weaker from the lack of sleep. The next important thing to note is, of course, exercise. By exercising regularly, a person is building up resistance to viruses and bacteria that find easy prey in people who do not exercise. Thus, it is possible to prevent illnesses by building up a strong immune system though eating healthily, sleeping well and exercising regularly.

Prevention implies ‘to stop doing something’. Cure means ‘to find a solution’. Man is prone to commit mistakes. Prevention is the shield which saves mankind from many disasters, chaos and destruction. Man can foresee the happenings of the future. He checks himself from doing anything wrong. We must measure very step we take. Cure involves much more effort and pain than what would needed to prevent a problem from affecting us. A cure is a blessing, but prevention is more than a blessing. It is better than cure. A wise act of cautious mind can check us from stepping into something wrong or dangerous. The act of right living makes everything possible. Living in the right sense means living judiciously, wisely and cautiously. Man has the knowledge of distinguishing between the right and the wrong, the good and the evil,. the safe and the dangerous.

He can judge them and escape from dangers and difficulties before thy engulf him. Many fail to distinguish between them and find themselves trapped. Then they seek a cure. Prevention halts or obstructs the danger or evil etc, from the person before it overpowers him. It makes the person escape from it completely. Cure is a solution for the danger or evil which has already engulfed him. Hence, prevention is better than cure. A man is judged by his character and manners. His character can be easily polluted. Sometimes people happen to come in contact of bad people. This affects their life badly. They can become a slave to bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling etc. They may create problems in his family affairs, health and finances. They can lead a healthy life if they avoid them and prevents themselves from falling into such habits.

Prevention can be ensured by planning ahead. An unfortunate act can be avoided if planning is done well in advance. If you want to lose some weight, have a plan, if you want a new job, have a plan. Everything usually goes systematically if we plan for it earlier. The planned programme of vaccinating children well in time has led to the decrease of the incidence of diseases like polio, measles, tetanus etc. Thus, vaccination can prevent in time will help in the . prevention of these diseases in time will help in the eradication of the same. It is also correct when it is said that we have to take risk or listen to our instincts at some level, but it is also a fact that we cannot take risk in some aspect of like education, finance, health etc. Any kind of carelessness in these aspects may cause destruction. So it is better to take all necessary precautions before hand.

A healthy, balanced diet and daily exercise can prevent the risk of falling prey to obesity. The obesity diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure ect can also be taken care of. Today’s, AIDS is the most terrifying and deadly disease. AIDS in incurable but it is preventable. Millions of people are suffering from this dreadful disease. A negligent act can make one suffer from AIDS. The use of disposable needles, safe sex, tested donor’s blood to a recipient and loyalty t one’s spouse can prevent one from getting infected by HIV. Preventive measures taken in other areas also lessen the intensity of suffering. Keeping an eye on market position can prevent stock broker and a share holder from an economical fall or financial catastrophe.

Population control measures would lead to better living conditions. Better education system would result in well informed citizens taking right decisions. Dams can prevent the occurrence of flood. Weather forecasting helps people to take preventive measures against dangers like tsunami, cyclone etc. The new techniques of seismology has been introduced to forecast the earthquake. It helps us to take preventive measures. To know how to prevent, one needs to be alert. One should be very careful while doing something. We should start every work only after judging the pros and cons of that. It is better to avoid doing certain things, the benefits of which are not significant. By combining one’s judgment and preventive abilities, one can lead a joyous and healthy life

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