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1 January 2017

An example is when a deaf man was looking for apartments in his price range he had to use this video chat and the landlord just hung up on him when the interrupter asked the landlord if they have used one of these video chats. I could not believe it the landlord just hung up. Another example, it is hard enough for hearing people to make it in the acting world, so it must be even hard for deaf people and an African American deaf person too and Robert’s interview about his last interactions with his mom using an interpreter.

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There were tons of key moments that impacted me and once that just did not make a big dent. I already listed a few moments that had a negative effect on me. The International Sign Language Theatre Festival towards the end of the film was amazing. I wish I could have gone, there were different acts from around the world, different types of acts, and a great thought. It was interesting to the different types of sign language across the world. It is similar to speaking, for example, certain countries have different type of language and that is the same with signing.

Its inspirational characters and messages really made me think deeper into deaf culture. I wanted to learn more about deaf culture and more signing than just American Sign Language. The four many characters all touched my heart in different ways. Robert, the actor, no matter what challenges he faced he was still optimistic. TL, the singer, is a hard of hearing she struggles to be accepted by the deaf community since she is not a native sign language user and “passes” in the hearing world.

She still continues to work hard and produce an album. Bob, the drummer, decides to follow his life’s passion, while in his late years. CJ, the actor/comedian, struggles to gain access in mainstream media. Even though he has been turned down my many possible jobs he decides to produce the first International Sign Language Theatre Festival. The drive that all four have is overwhelming to me. I believe the director was trying to “say” with this film is to get rid of any stereotyping with deaf people and culture.

The director let imagery do the talking by showing different aspects of the deaf culture, such as creative, intelligent, and human beings who share the same dreams as everyone else. Another main concept is to hire more deaf actors, because they can act any role. To hire a deaf actor you do not need a storyline based on deaf, just the idea about including a deaf person. One of my favorite funny clips is when an attempting to sign with a deaf and hearing person, about the Beatles and the British Invasion ends up translating as “roach infestation”. I plan to tell all of my friends about this movie.

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