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1 January 2017

There are Chinese said,’ As you sow, so shall you reap. ’ For me, in these 5 years besides academic I sow leadership. And now, I reap a lot. Because I am interested in financial management, I am studying in economics and BAFS. Therefore, this makes me grapping all the chance that can help me in improving the ability of studying management in the future. I got nutrient in house. I was a house committee for 2 years. I lead my house members for 2 years.

In sports day I am the leader to lead them shouting out the slogan which are writing by ourselves. We are the wisdom the best of all. ’ How encourage is. I also discuss with other committee and assign different talent to join different competition. In that year we got the second in sports. In fashion show, we designed the clothes together and making use of our creativity to make the performance prefect. Although we only got the second runner-up in this competition, I got a lot of experiences. In these 2 years when I am leading them I realized that being a committee, being a leader is how meaningful. I gain even more because I am a secretary of house.

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Every time when there are meeting, I am responsible to take the minutes and keep a record. Being a secretary, I became a person who are considerate and a good listener. To strengthen my little young sprout, I joint the Leadership Training Camp in summer. In this camp, all of the campers are strangers, I learnt how to communicate with them during the camp. Through games and activities, I am being more and more co-operate with my group mates. I did obverse them. I tried to learn their good aspects. Of course, it’s a long investment for me to practice and grasp it. My teacher gave me nutrient.

In f5, my teacher recommended me to be the chairlady of Junior Police Call. I know nothing about this club. ‘Go on and you can do it girl, just because you are a good leader. ’ This really means a lot to me. I really get something. I got something that you can’t see-confidence. The thing that is really useful wherever where I am. When there is confidence that will be the first step of success. I really tried my best to become a good chairlady and a good house committee. I don’t know whether I have got a pass or not, but I won’t regret because I have nothing to regret.

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