Self Assessment Paper

10 October 2016

I realized that I am a very big visual learner, and I can’t learn if the teacher is standing in front of the class lecturing about how to do something, instead of showing it. Before high school I never knew that I was a visual learner. When the teacher is in front of the class talking for 45 minutes you get distracted easily and not interested in the subject. I think right now I’m comfortable with my singing but still need improvement. In college I do want to continue studying ASL and deaf culture. In continuing my studies I want to improve my signing fluency.

I feel like my signing if choppy at sometimes, I have to pause and figure out what I’m trying to say while I’m signing it. Also, I would like to improve on my ASL structure. I find myself singing in English structure rather than ASL sometimes, it’s definitely something I’ll have to improve on because it’s a big part of Sign Language. I would improve those two things by practicing my fluency at home and during the day, also by practicing singing English sentences in ASL structure and not SEE. I think my strengths are fingerspelling, body language, and facial expressions. I feel the most comfortable signing with friends and people I know.

If I’m in a group setting with people I’ve never talked to before I’ll stay quiet and just watch the conversation, not really putting an opinion in, But when I’m with friends I feel more confident in my signing and I’m more open and expressive. I definitely think my shyness comes through my signing sometimes. Some “life skills” I’m working on is definitely my shyness. Compared to how I was a couple of years ago I’m slowly but surely improving. My attitude over the past three years has changed a lot. I try to be more positive and upbeat as much as I can, being more social and outgoing has affected that in a good way.

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