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6 June 2017

Development of a collective identity as an occupation evolves into a profession. 5. Formal training, credentialing, creation of a subculture, legal right to practice, public acceptance, ethical practice discipline of incompetent/ unethical practitioners, practitioners of the profession to use the practitioners service. A). Typically taking place in a college or university. Requires instructions in the specialized body of knowledge and techniques of the profession.

Preparation includes orientation to the beliefs, values and attitudes expected of the member of the profession, as well as the standards of practice and ethical considerations. B). Usually very committed to their work, deriving much of their personal identification from it and consider it as an integral part of their lives. – transcended their expectations of material reward. – It is less common for them to change careers as compared with persons involved in occupations, which may not involve such a strong commitment and identity.

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Varying levels of education for entry into practice Variability of educational background of it’s practitioners. – Varying credentials for entry into nursing practice as contributing to the continuing subordination of nursing in the health care area. Gender Issues Female dominated profession Gender balance may never be achieved. This will continue to be a hindrance because of the persistent devaluing as women’s work in our society. Historical Influences Historical connections with religious orders and the military continue to have nfluence both positive and negative today. Nurses should be aware that unquestioning obedience stifles the creative thinking and problem solving required for professional. Societies’ attitude toward nursing The view that nurses are angels of mercy rather than well educated professionals reinforces the idea that nurses care but really do not have to think, this view is perpetuated by advertisements that depict nurses as angels or caring ethereal humans (Gordon, 2005). Conflicts with other medical professions

Nursing care must be provided and should include consideration on health, social economic, legislative and ethical factors. Nursing is not Just about making someone better, it is about health education. Assisting patients and families in making health decisions, providing direct care, assessing care and applying the best evidence in making care decisions. Communicating and working with the treatment team, developing a plan of care with team that includes the patient and family evaluating patient outcomes, advocating for patients.

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