Self-esteem and Physical Contact

9 September 2016

Your paragraph should include at least five complete sentences. (25 points) My self esteem seems kind of stong. Idont really have a lot of self esteem problems. I just don’t like expressing my feelings . ialso don’t like a lot of physical contact . those are my main weaknesses. 5. Ask your parent/guardian or your siblings (brother or sister) what three things could be done to contribute to family self-esteem: (15 points) a. Who did you interview ? my mom b.

Suggestion…eating dinner together c. Suggestion…family night d. Suggestion… family outings 6. Consider your strengths and weaknesses from above and set a personal health goal for yourself. Explain at least three strategies you will use to reach your goal and at least three strategies for checking on your progress. Following are some possible goals for improving health which you may consider; Weight control, Substance abuse.

Self-esteem and Physical Contact Essay Example

Consistent eating habits healthy exercise and healthy weight loss for better health make sure I excersise every day and have a eating gernal DIRECTIONS Since this assignment contains a chart, you will submit the assignment as an attachment. 1. Saving file a. Select File. b. Select “save as”. c. Save as type RICH TEXT FILE. rtf. d. Place in your LMS Work Folder that you created in assignment. e. Be sure to put your name and date on the actual work file when you open it to answer the questions and your work when you are complete.

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