Self Improvement

5 May 2017

Self-Improvement Many people work toward something in order to improve themselves. This act of aiming toward something in order to achieve it is called setting a goal. Achieving goals usually improves the person who is setting them. Not abandoning the goal teaches the person discipline, and achieving the goal will improve the person as well. During this school year, I would like to improve myself by ameliorating my grades and becoming closer to God.

This year, I would like to bring my grades from B’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. In order to achieve this goal, I will pay attention in class instead of talking to my friends. This is important so that I do not miss anything that the teacher says in class. In addition to paying attention in class, I can also begin studying every night and make sure that my homework is completed before class. This will help me to improve my grades because I will not have to cram for a test or try to finish my homework right before it is due.

Self Improvement Essay Example

Achieving this goal is important to me because last year, I did not put forth he effort to make the good grades that I am capable of making. I need better grades in order to be accepted into the college that I would like to attend, Boston University. Achieving this goal would make me feel that I can do anything if I work hard for it. Becoming closer to God is another goal that I would like to accomplish during this school year. Achieving this goal will require praying more often instead of Just when I need something.

It will require doing more service work as well, which is the reason hat I have Joined service clubs at school such as CLC and Key Club. In addition to praying more often and doing service work, I will go to church every Sunday, which will help me to become closer to God. Achieving this goal is important to me because overall, I will be a better and happier person. I strive to improve my grades and my relationship with God during this school year. These two improvements will result in a general improvement of myself.

Bringing up my grades to A’s and B’s by paying attention in class and completing my class work on time is crucial to my acceptance into my dream college, Boston University. Although ameliorating my grades is important to me, it is not the only thing that needs improving. Becoming closer to God is also something I strive to achieve throughout this school year. This can be accomplished by praying more, doing service work, and going to mass every Sunday. Setting goals is important because it results in self-improvement.

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