Self Reflection Paper

1 January 2017

From a personal ethics and values growth and development perspective, please discuss the most important new insight you had about yourself this semester about as a result of this class and why it is significant to you.

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2) A hallmark of this course is the wide variety of viewpoints and opinions expressed by your peers. Please discuss the most important thing that your classmate(s) taught you in this course and why it is significant to you (note: this should be different from #1 above).

Please discuss the most interesting or fascinating idea that you learned from the textbook and why you found it to be the most interesting or fascinating. 4) While this course focuses heavily on the development of ethics and values, it also serves to help us reinforce our already established ethics and values. Please discuss what was reinforced in your own ethics and values as a result of this class and why it is significant to you. 5) First and foremost, ethics and values are lived. Please discuss how you plan to incorporate into your professional and/or personal life what you learned, or what you had reinforced, in this class.

Try to be as specific as possible in your discussion. 6) I am always looking to improve this class. Please spend 3? 4 page discussing, with reasons why, what the professor should change about this class in future semesters and what the professor should not change about this class in future semesters. Grading Criteria 1) Reflective and insightful answering of all questions. 2) Clear and direct writing, free from grammar and spelling mistakes. 3) Relative balance in answering all the questions.

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