Self Reflection

3 March 2017

Self-Reflection in relation to QRB The objective of this assignment is to self reflect impact of QRB course and advantages gained by learning the tools and skills through this course specially related to economics, Finance, accounting, operations and research. To get a better understanding of the concepts that will be covered in QRB course we were given a document that was an overview of Quantitative Reasoning for Business.

This document showed what type of reasoning tools and skills are covered in this course that will further help in any upcoming courses. Looking at the tools, mathematical equations and formulas, probability calculation and forecasting tools I am very excited to see that there are so many important skills that a manager needs to be proficient at and the Quantitative Reasoning for Business course covers them and will help me to a better job by using these tools and skills.

For example, setting a baseline and comparing our performance against it, being able to effectively use the data from past years and calculating and predicting forecast for future sale, setting a criteria or borderline for drop in sales before looking into personnel changes, being able to identify if a the process is out of control and being able to effectively balance risk and return with our investment choices with definitely help me not in my job but also any upcoming courses in the MBA program related to economics, finance, accounting, operation and research.

This course not only teaches the mathematical and analytical skills but also uses graphs and charts to help understand the problem and solution visibly. This is critical for someone like me who learns more quickly from graphs then just looking at the mathematical equations.

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